Keith Walker & John Xero

Bernagramma #2

Bernagramma #4

Portergraph #3

Portergraph #5

Manipulation #1

Manipulation #2

Manipulation #3

Keith Walker writes:
"Attended Leeds College of Art and the Royal College of Art in the 60's.

"Personal assistant to Sir Eduardo Paolozzi in the late 60's early 70's producing drawings and colour separations for his screen prints, I guess that might show in some of my collages! I mainly work with digital assemblages/collages but I am been drawn back to scissors and glue, paint and paper. I'm a fan of the Vorticist Movement and that period in art and music in general.

"Retired from Academia after 30 years teaching in Art and Design.

"When I'm not fiddling around with images I play the guitar for a few local jazz bands, keeping the old folk off the streets!!"

John Xero:

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