Lucianna Chixaro Ramos

When everything is spoiled

The girls from Daisies were fighting on TV,
Cake, wine, china, flying in destructive arcs.
I lay on the balcony—

I brought my soft-cased pillow to the earth-
splattered concrete, drank your bottle
of Campo Viejo until the mischief smiled

in me like Jarmilla tricking, the trickster
that sent off yet another old man to the train

alone: on my television screen. In another scene,
Marie I and II place the broken plates back
onto the table, whispering. I wonder

if: stifled harshness could put back together
what has already been destroyed;
if: as I trace my feet on the soft rug

with its budding flowers, small birds—if:
I can be like a bird or flower, lightly perched,
listening & still, no mischief to be found.

Life-Cycle (XX)









leaflets increasing in size
by stigmatic union, cavities

with or without wings

aromatic with watery juice
equidistant fruit

pale and astringent
of the previous year, their

surrounded by persistent filaments

fissured, pithy
firm at maturity but puberulous

terminal with subequal withering
+ or – partitions

ventral cavities
wing-margined, many-flowered

long-stalked, formed

with dry powder

females bearing their inner face
needle shaped clusters

in a membranous sheath

in falling leave elevated scars

appearing early from buds
anthers introrse, styles

short, lobed, silky

durable & solitary
united into a column

revolute & penniveined
on the upper surface, their scales

bearing all the others

ovary with
obliquely arched in germination

extending to lobes only
flesh unfolding to

If Only You Understood...

Lucianna Chixaro Ramos is a Brazilian born and Florida raised poet who co-founded Obra/Artifact, the journal of the MFA of the Americas at Stetson University. She enjoys living in a multilingual universe and answering her toddler’s questions about how the world works. You can find her work in the journal New South.

The source text for "Life-Cycle (XX)" is The Manual of the Trees of North America.

"If Only You Understood..." is a series of technologically mediated translations whose aim is to give a voice back to the people its original texts attempted to oppress.
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