Norman M. Gendelman


               It felt warm there like a place insects and deep-diseases breed—viral-licensed limbic cerebral-burrows buy gradeA procrasti-Knats spun from made up Poxygen; Molecular nylon pLight-wyles subAlternate grange-stewed New forAn-audience of neverEmpty.

               Tub stuffed abstract, Fab Brix bends-conventional. He nods-acknowledgement bobbin-pin seismic pole-vaults resin-pResent word converted worlds outtranced to tint-inTo color constructed from familiar urgency

               kNeeding so close to SIMagery StanItslov-squirts that hardened adult-diaperRush Dr. Hemmorroid scratches between cheeks for a proofFool demand to give pulses a day today-letching.

Katie the Automatte

               She contingency supine-lies like an AutoMatte open promise of wet-him hemispheres waiting withIts sexpert Look.

               Imputer-abstructions eat floors of cold formica; freeze-are Fast Kiss feels for her insides-out maybe making schedule-pleasure with angling upward finger-physics against a pelvis almost-moisture dipped damp tongue.

               To say-shE misses him is like Katie-promises perfect mouths harNest-tempered punchHoles one-to-ten menu options also known by number.


When-One hung himself yUse-presumer out of air.
But Grone-choke orgiastic grammar, gasps
Transit Platform between-arrival
Can’t-satchel breath.

Respiration retrieval-fee
Diseast social-inhaler abovelyEther.
Locomotile interception-momentum
rubbers a Limp-backward.

Elephanitus-clots cohere a social-larGest testicular Ntern
Outside Yip-perfect’s suspension license.
Refugenetic cells-himself masturbation Men’s-Room
Bridling beneath Selexa’s uber-granular knowledge.

Deoderizer hot-pucket hits “SEND”
And-earth turbine onion-nubs sausage conversion therapy
Into what looks like (I Two-tends remember then)
One’s face.


Beaconing name oriface fleasd insignial-hole
Aircondition deoxy-sleep glucagone patern.

               Plasticene mash-plasia linger pancake-AM beFor deaflection-molds missing vestigial bakes-soufflé (collapsSpar solar Pan-hacks miscue Gin-stewed Chardonnay-drain filaments made to soup

               Motto-mother’s slurred sadission calls Allso-Small).

Josey Swag

               Coloring cardboard brown, Quantum Raybeen points his gun at thRob Grudge. Willt-upstairs retread-Greta counter secs off SHOWer-repeats mecha-coping from the office of Claymon Advocatch-minutes spared the bullet drapes of Josey Swag. Peck-impressing above her bed, pregNut blotter polka-limes muscle cake his tight-wornerr new clothes for wiping plate glass down (bottom Up-cover abyss sate-makes smack Us-slapped from an open palm in anger shook you into LiteTime stuNt-eternity) before Autumn leaves

               Penny-tips along her night table
cash any connection to her at all.

Norman M. Gendelman is a PhD student in the Department of Film and Media at the University of California, Berkeley working on his dissertation concerning the mid 20th century Western in film and television.
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