Texas Fontanella

The Bureau / Of Statistics / Can Prove Anything

Recent reports indicate the average human at-
tension span lasts a grand total of eight seconds
& that our sexual anxieties are exacerbated by
both homeophonic & homophonic translations
of Vietnamese genre fiction. It’s almost always
hammer not summertime in Brooklyn. I list ab-
out listening to Mozart. This is not a further cit-
ation but a necessary maintenance of our bank
balance. I bring Banksy back inside. The kitsch-
en howls. Tessa and I exchange hellos as I head
up to the station. Today the train ran on thyme.

Sparknotes From Underground

Antisocial scien-
tists still struggle

to wrap their heads
around the long-

term effects of alveoli
gas exchange on the

median price of child-
care, especially when it’s

offered by Karl Popper &
Ralph Waldo Emerson. As

is the precursor poem, this
is heavily reliant on the

serendipitous sub-
lime adding flava. After

mathematics class Bruce
Lee follows them. Not

home. Humument. Ler-
canidipine. Binds strongly

to albumin but effects
lag up to 48 hours.

Too Noel Coward to Call Mother Courage

I know you well enough to know
our relationship is not
good material for a poem.

You hardly ever washed
clothes or the dishes, preferred
CC’s to pillow talk.

That in and of itself
was something else.
7.5. Dogs gonads.

      (started 22 Nov 2014 amended 15 nov 2016.)

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