Cecelia Chapman

"I am drawn to certain poetic aspects of nomad life: how the traveler's identity merges with their transport, ambience of camp, details of daily life, and the exact nature of the site."

"This Northern California RV park is built on crumbly cliffs that will fall on you and bury you in summer. Winter waves carve out the cliffs, often flooding and closing the RV park. The Army Corps of Engineers has a full time job dropping huge rocks on the beach to prevent further erosion. Cranes dot the coast. You can see the parking lot has receded, been fenced-in for caution, re-tarred, newly painted. The surf spot below the RV park is suicidal, especially when powerful waves dig up and expose skeletal fingers of rebar left from old fallen structures buried in the sand."

The full series of photographs can be found here.

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