J. Crouse

Prologue to Macnab’s Earth Retention Systems Handbook

      The anchor tendon, prior placed to grout,
Deals early warning systems dealt without;
Sufficient strength, provide adjacent faults,
With sloping timber benching sheeted vaults,
Performed by backhoed mass of soil or rock,
Adjacent footing, capped against it lock,
Allowed debris for timber stresses met,
By steel sphered seat-nut bracings setting wet
Enough, a hand-dug hole for man permits,
When soldier pile and precast lagging fits;
Developed, active shotcrete shoring rubs,
In raker, waler, nailed in stands on stubs,
With air and water moisture contents flushed
Can stand installed resistant casing crushed
Below, the dead load jacking forces keep
The load cell constant strut and tieback deep:
Because of drilling interlocking strands
And sliding, undercut the hillside lands.
      Forces of soft cohesive soil cement,
Destressing secant piles by corbel bent,
Attached, a backfaced hoisting drum is kept,
Together gauging strains of current crept,
Restricting cave-ins; stiffins stable beams,
So backfill shallow slip planes crumble seams.
Mounted against large slabs and tangent piles
The soil face filled contempt for judging styles
The sudden hazards; moving sudden loads;
Of otherwise unstable building codes.
Remaining concrete soft enough to lean,
If spread together, stressing--shears it clean;
As density controlled in full is filled
By bit, percussion hammer, pipe is drilled,
Conforming using proof test auger rig,
Imbedded portion, forced on, reins in dig
In practice past, on belled end time relied,
On open ended pit pier packing dried,
The structure underpinned attached at length,
As high clay content adds cohesive strength,
Completely reinforcing future lapse,
Of minor ravel B Line trench collapse.
      In static water caisson cofferdam
Withstood, a type of zipper failure jam;
Desanding plant end bearing easement dump,
By hopper-fed in tandem concrete pump;
If filter fabric slotted pipe protect,
Epoxy cast-in-place design effect,
A telltale leaking gap in lagging plank,
Is overcome by use of roll chock sank;
Dipping in angled downward basal boil,
Sloped in accordance; shown for Type C soil,
Trumpet in viscous slurry aided slot,
Test log H Pile section of A Line plot,
Method slices; slicing bentonite hedge,
Friction toe of principal Rankine wedge,
Secreeded flat then finished wooden float,
Adhesive visqueen cover tarping coat,
Both belt and bucket truck and pup in hitch,
Constrain debris flow form of eyebrow ditch,
Excessive silt in situ test and start,
Of at-rest pressure Goldberg-Zoino chart:
To kickout coils of rolled and finished steel,
Of two sheets sandwiched prefab strata peel.
      Mohr circle plot a helpful strike and dip,
Rebalance cracks in range of data kip;
Drill base driving; jetting of wellpoint screened,
By Kelly bars remaining concrete leaned;
In such a fashion, carry standard norm,
On plywood, arctic white birch (Finland form);
Tighter fit if jointed tongue is grooved,
And vacant berm left later is removed;
As vacuum drawn on header water suck,
Dispose a load on local dumping truck;
Fed by either handle pump or trash,
By hand, for final fit-up, sand and ash,
Secure to plate, pea gravel filters down,
In subpart P attached: protective gown.
      For added space constructed from below
Eroding cut the channel travel flow
And lower pressure curbing able lift--
(Plumb) vertical; through drill hole filter sift;
Retaining wall in place with welded clip,
Dewater systems sump as winches grip,
When struck by cobble spill in boulder wake,
Return to local river, creek or lake,
Derived from work done, coefficient toil;
Approaching zero softens fine grain soil.

J. Crouse lives in New York City.
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