David Heg & Nicolette Wong

Which Way Is Out

The light spirals into cracks
on the glass panes, silver iris
to fracture at the timbre of rise.
Tell me something, he stares at
my open palms as he often does
when I swallow smoke and do
not speak. I do not tell him
our umbras have parted at
the staircase, peeling history
off the walls on their path
to the playground, bright, relent-
less calls from the sun—Tell me
why you are
his ashen hair
in my palms, in the blaze I let go
to the stairs, to the iron fence
in my face in my steps in my—


Wounding against a canvas of touch
—the grain of night rising, falling
shredded as flight, the pulse of
its demise sutured into my lungs.

David Heg is a photographer and educator currently manifesting in the wooded hills of eastern CT. His work has appeared on the cover of Nicolette Wong’s poetry chapbook, Stone Bride Madrigals, and the online zines, Negative Suck, Dark Chaos, A-Minor Magazine and Revolution John. He continues to remain grateful that his work has yet to be published posthumously.

Nicolette Wong is the editor in chief of A-Minor Magazine & Press. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Posit, Bellingham Review, Crab Orchard Review, Escape Into Life, and other venues. Visit her at http://nicolettewongwriter.com
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