Edward Kulemin

Cash Register Receipt Poems

Author's Note:
"Real receipts from cash registers, a significant element in the system of commodity-money relations, were used as a starting point. They carry information which has statistical and economic properties, but each receipt also has a pronounced semiotic-geometric structure — the numbers and letters on it are ordered, which gives it a resemblance to a work of poetry.

"The author has augmented the original — what are essentially — modern icons with asemic writing and abstract symbols, reinforcing the aesthetic impact and giving the pinned-upon structure of the finished artwork. Letters, numbers, and strokes are layered on top of each other to create a single form but one which has a lot of meanings. Here the artist acts as a kind of "translator" from the language of economic reality to the economical language of poetics.

"In the video the words and their parts are periodically repeated in different segments and randomly combined with each other, forming unpredicted connections.

"(In an unheard background, the sounds of multiple cash registers in concert — in a hypermarket, for example — merge into a single sound poetry mix.)

"The project also refers to the aesthetics of eco-trash-art using waste materials (the receipt soon becomes trash)."


Edward Kulemin:
- an artist, poet, author of many art-projects;
- an organiser of various communication creative societies (KEPNOS, Group of Unknown Artists, Smolensk School of Apologetic, etc.);
- a participant of some poetic actions, art exhibitions and festivals.
an author of the books: It seems to have begun(1994), Odnohujstvenny Ulysses (1995), By the artificial way (1998), Multimatum (2002), Lowdown (2012).

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