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Oct. 4, 2016

Woot, while working on the novel last night I concocted a new variation of the hay(na)ku poem: the "Rippled Mirror"! It's described on my blog EILEEN VERBS BOOKS, but I'm reprinting the entry here:
It's October 4! And I am so grateful I have managed to hew to my 2016 New Year's Resolution to write everyday on a long-form novel! It's been/is a new experience—I'm grateful for it. But I didn't expect that, from yesterday's writing, the novel would generate a new variation of the hay(na)ku. I'm calling it the "Rippled Mirror Hay(na)ku" because, as you can see by its inaugural manifestation below, the "reflection" is not exact.

In the novel, I was writing a section relating to dictators and it spawned this new hay(na)ku poem:
corrupts absolutely"—
you provided proof.

Your life proved
"Absolute corruption
I shared it with Vince Gotera, the poet who (you might recall) came up with the final name for the hay(na)ku. He responded brilliantly with one of his own:

Donald Trump.
Best president ever.

Bust. President never.
Donald Trump.
Entonces, I'm initiating a call for poems in the "Rippled Mirror Hay(na)ku" form, as you may interpret it. If I receive enough poems, I'll write a feature presenting them in the next issue of Galatea Resurrects (A Poetry Engagement).
the Word:
"Rippled Mirror Hay(na)ku"!!!

Oct. 6, 2016

I’ve always been fascinated by scale. I am interested in how things can develop specifically due to prolonged periods of time, attention, effort. (When, in poetry, I claim “first draft, last draft” it’s deceptive as what surfaces usually comes from years of attention including internal mental rumination.) So, nearly 10 months of daily writing into the novel, I realize that there was no way I could have predicted its ending, and it’s an ending that surfaces specifically because of the prolonged time of daily writing.

Remember that Family Tree I shared earlier? I added a new detail to it (in red ink) that will form the novel’s ending: the name (Patricia) of the lead protagonist (Elena). Patricia is the mother who died giving birth to Elena. Because of how she’d died, I had assumed she’d be a very minor character in the story; if you look at the original Family Tree, I initially hadn’t even bothered to name her and she was stuck in the upper left corner where I’d assumed she would remain in her irrelevant state. Regardless of what happens to this novel, I am grateful for how its process reveals how what’s significant can be ignored, but that such can be remedied over time. And that there is no short-cut to time’s passage … that there is no short-cut to commitment.

Oct. 24, 2016

Yah. After returning from that polluted 15-hour plane ride from Vienna, I've been sick. Right now, I'm on my 20th cup of tea with honey, Nyquil and cough drops. So I thought to take a "sick day" off from the daily novel writing. The notebook looked back and its eyes dripped blood. It roared, "Don't you dare!" So I sniffled my way over to it, and thankfully wrote five sentences which was enough to check off the chore. Wish I could go to bed but have to walk the dogs...even though it's raining... Happy Sniffle to you.

Nov. 4, 2016

HOMESTRETCH! Pardon moi while I coo at moiself to cast a spell. 57 more days, Eileen, and you will have the first draft of a long-form novel! Don't falter now:

You are Anitun Tabu, Goddess of wind and rain; Aspene, the Shell Goddess; Dal’lang, the Goddess of Beauty; Daraga, a volcano Goddess; Dayea, Goddess of Secrets; Dian Masalanta, Goddess of love; Dihas, Goddess of medicinal herbs; Hukluban, Goddess of death; Ideale, Goddess of harvest; Ikapati, Goddess of fields, fertility and lands; Kuntalapa, Goddess of childbirth; Lalahon, Goddess of fire and volcanoes; Mangaragan, Goddess of war; Mangagaway, Goddess of sickness; Maria Makiling, protector of Mt. Makiling; Mayari/Bulan, the Lunar Goddess; S’dop, Goddess of gold; Sehana, Goddess of love; Sirehnha, Goddess of fishes; Somilge, Goddess of Magick and Queen of Witchery; and Tala, Goddess of the stars. May the Muse’s blessings turn this novel’s pages into articulate light.
(Whatever it takes, ya know...)

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