Ian Gibbins

Ian Gibbins is a poet, electronic musician and video artist, having been a neuroscientist for more than 30 years and Professor of Anatomy for 20 of them. His poetry covers diverse styles and media, including electronic music, video, performance, art exhibitions, and public installations, and has been widely published in-print and on-line, including three books with accompanying electronic music: Urban Biology (2012); The Microscope Project: How Things Work (2014) and Floribunda (2015), the last two in collaboration with visual artists. For more see www.iangibbins.com.au.

He writes: "phillip adams headshot is made up from the machine code for a JPG image of Phillip Adams, Australian broadcaster, author and cultural icon, that I opened as a text file by mistake. I thought there was a good chance that his name would appear at least once in the code. As it turns out, I found eleven instances (there may be more…) which I’ve simply highlighted as the letters occur in the code. The final image uses the 1st page of the text as a skin over a 3D rendering of the numerical values of the same page."
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