Marilyn Stablein

From A Lettrist’s Notebook:

Visual Narratives & Word Games

five excerpts


On a white background black letters: b, l, m, q, h, o, n, x surround the number eight.


Rouleau à Pâtisserie

A rolling pin, common kitchen utensil, is covered in dozens of black letters of the alphabet and a few numbers. There are two handles for easy handling and to embed letters into the dough as it is rolled out.


A Game

Supply the missing word in four common idiomatic expressions that include the noun or the verb ROLL *

               A roll in the ________ (meaning: sexual intercourse)

               Roll up your ________ (meaning: to get to work!)

               A roll of the ________ (gambling term)

               Roll with the ________(boxer’s strategy)

                                                                            * (answers below)

# 4.

Variations on a Theme: Roll and Roller

                roll (n) a pastry bun or biscuit
                roll (v) a way to move the body across a surface
                roll (v) to wind, unwind, roll, unroll

                roller (n) printer’s brayer
                roller (n) cylindrical painter’s brush
                roller (n) metal, foam or plastic hair curlers

                roller (n) pocket device to roll a cigarette paper joint
                roller (n) pastry rolling pin
                roller coaster (n) a popular ride on the Boardwalk


Composition in Black and White: Numbers & Letters


*answers to the game: hay, sleeves, dice, punches

Marilyn Stablein: artist, poet, essayist, collagist, performance artist, author of thirteen books including a monograph Bind, Alter, Fold: Artist Books (Book Arts Editions) and a Himalayan memoir: Sleeping in Caves (MonkFish Publishers). She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Visit: marilynstablein.com
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