sean burn

sheets ov rain

official war artist

bonfire nacht

outside ur

let a 000 dikshunries blooom

fatladdysingin. 2016 c.e.

(day-before-shortest-day happenins - performance-art-accidental? oppositional-defiance-disorder? or jes another slice-life in mad(denin) worlds)
psych says weve avoidant personality no seein him since heavies-his tried cartin us off twice summer-past. asks if we're havin problems with replicants. shouldov stay silent ... instead tell spendin ten minutes waitin for lift free ov replicants ascendin the top floors with christmas cards (unsealed) in red envelopes (varyin sizes) & that psychiatrists name handwrit on. replicants they keep — um, can we use swarm in this context? — swarmin. add 2017s gonna be bumper year for bladerunners retirin replicants. (sequels outtin). they ask how our writins goin. shouldov kept shut. everytime we write - it becomes reality, or realitys worse. how dya satire when a worlds gone overbarkin ... he stops typin, leaves room, events occur ... after all subsides he gives out appointment for valentines day. ask if he's expectin card, dont laugh but suggests us leave. say its no over till the fat lad(d)ys singin & am escorted-off chorusin public image limiteds what the world needs now is another fuck-off what the world needs now is another fuck-off what the world needs now is another fuck-off

sean burn is currently associate artist with greyscale theatre, tyneside developing a new touring play — joey s/hehttp://www.greyscale.org.uk/news
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