Sean Negus

White River

The people of the river arrive celestially fused as totems
Water in time’s measurement a living erosional crevice
In bodied truncated form a sliver of skin worn green
Against the corporate simplex that tire and shield spirits
See assassination red and formless in the night where harmed
The water communicant of the body socius so easily scorned.
                Heart transparently captured fades on the flipside

                Horn a tilted eye
Unhinged on its origins
An orb on the oceanic edge where periphery showed through to daylight’s blearing surfaces,
                                              Movement made enterable and
                               Garnered or gained through one comical node after another
                See here where the quips fail to produce cash outcomes
                                              Brave knuckle marks on the soft pleating to grim up the sleeveless.

What ‘One’ Is

Frayed and tattered at ocean’s edge
                Fast delight — base cranial
      Running haunted hollow turns before
                               The survival chanteuse
Whole replicas there forming in the Grecian white, a clay non-capital
                That one then abandoned for relics
Needlessly wanting, or fabricating it wantonly
                                              Armory lights flashing signaling desire (in trance)

Transparency veil a festival chutes
ruining the ribcage shaped form locked up suffocating
                                                                                                                         Smashed again with bliss

                                                                                                          This time the clockwork melting in fits.

Horizon Access

                An auxiliary shell or another device
                Recurrent pleasure in the dull star parade
                               Making the shift semblance a blue white speck therein
Trying to access some other aspect of language
                It orbiting and coming nearer
Or opening transfixing in isolation the self
                Making it cloister colored in its glow
Body of the urbane center
                A flow of desire shifting from the module to the outward periphery
Mapping a silence, a small space of despair
                               One arborescence rejecting disclosure for detail
Differing pleas for liberation in the city
                One looking for it to be made more alive, “not burning totally out this century”
Likening it then to the inertia of a star, moving in micros and giving that good access
                               The inner light manipulated and happily transmitted
                                              Broadcast body and lift measure a dreamsong
                                                             Furthering the synchronies
                                                                            Ciphers of the screen immersion.

Sean Negus is a San Francisco-based poet and experimental writer whose web-based work occurs between digital, visual and textual forms. His poems have appeared in WebConjunctions, Poecology and Dusie Magazine. A video poem of his, Recursionem Solaris, was recently selected for the International Video Poetry Film Festival in Athens, Greece.
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