Tom Snarsky


There is an object bird—no, two—in the middle
Of this foraged connection, where a black heart
Is leaning up against my purple lung. One stiff arm
Begins to abate, half-risen. Most people
Say they end up regretting quitting in the end.


Limit voice
Slender rain
Red lute
Sun cloth
Clean skull
Slag heap
Worry some
Breathe less


Late drunk goodbye to mate-
Reality. Cloud fracture: word
About my platelets, a livered
Web operant in a dream. I’m
Heavily overdrafted. Are you
Yet ready to enter the house.

Hollowness as a Kinged Idea

Ornithology does not exist.

A happy bird is basically a death
magnet, clinging to song
as if crystals & multitudes could
sleep in their structures without

rolling over,
                               or becoming tired.

Tom Snarsky teaches mathematics at Malden High School in Malden, Massachusetts, USA.
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