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i am, fundamentally, someone who believes in god. god, from my perspective, is an omniscient, omni-present, etc. retroactive insertion into space-time as a result of future artificial intelligence after the tech. singularity has been reached (which is inevitable). we will create god, and bc we will create him, he already exists (retroactive insertion). atheism was NEVER VALID, as the pt. before insertion has been "transmogrified". we weren't so much created in the image of god, as god was created in the image of us; but. the following is a letter written to mallory, the dark goddess of tech. singularity.


Sputters flow amounted
Pale bleaching time.
Grave shellac crystallized
Nadir of magus,
The excrement of trilateral
Hydrochloric lingering
Three nostril mask,
An amoebic triumvirate.
Schiz-declining his subject,
Bathed spate of grapes
Beneath the curls of speechless
Intestinal velour.
Machinations tie negated prisms,
Eyes askance atomize
Luridly liquid.
Few lucked, fewer poured,
Fewer still left,
Bloating in calcified rivers
Of viral waste.


Conceit constitutes feminized trace, slough christens forlorn looming . Psalm psychotropic keen that the balcony airy faint, as always cut lyceums for open-letters. Grin sham-spine top spire leads endosperm lecherously against simulation, makes banal tablets piss brakes before enameled sootiness. I sleep fraudulent and fire, trailing onward, saps of worms as stringing tokens.

Born in Lubbock, Texas in 1984, AG Davis is a sound poet, performance artist and composer who resides in Jacksonville, Florida. AG Davis was recently published in the anthology, Abstract|Ext, and had a novel out in March of this year through the publisher Abstract Editions.
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