Jim Leftwich

In The Recombinative Syntax Zone: Two John M. Bennett poems partially erased by Lucien Suel.

LAFT 34, pages 10 - 11, Lucien Suel and John M. Bennett

Left-to-right, top-to-bottom:


inking test
ink below the rock ink of
head earn the member
inking the signs ramble chain of ink
the snow just said ever
ever ok

Top-to-bottom, left-to-right


ink head inking the snow ever
inking test below the rock earn the signs ok
in member ramble chain of just said ever
of ink IN

Top-to-bottom / bottom-to-top zig-zag, left-to-right

ink head inking the snow ever
the signs earn the rock
below the inking test
inking test below the rock earn the signs ok
IN ever ink of

Bottom-to-top / top-to-bottom, zig-zag right-to-left

IN ink of eversaid
ramble just chain of member ink
the signs earn the rock
below the inking test
inkhead inking the snowever

Ad hoc syntactical improvisation. Recombinative syntax is immersive, oceanic, ludic, a temporary autonomous zone in the neo-cortex, nomadic, intuitive, empathic, anarchic, a subculture sneaking through your synapses at midnight.

Ad hoc grammatical improvisation. Recombinative grammar is the immersive neocortical subculture sneaking a nomadic, oceanic syntax through your intuitive, ludic synapses. Midnight is anarchic in the autonomous syntax zone. Midnight is temporary in the recombinative nomad zone.



Left-to-right, top-to-bottom

bad was floating room
grunting words
to sneeze shit
cares grease digit
toad breath so stroking
spoon that turd at
least limit
across the ash

Top-to-bottom, left-to-right

bad grunting cares toad spoon least
was floating room to sneeze grease breath so
words shit digit stroking that turd
across the ash at limit CO

Right-to-left, bottom-to-top

Co ash the across limit
least at turd that spoon
stroking so breath toad
digit grease cares
shit sneeze to words
grunting room floating was bad

Ban the blot. The virus enters, bald and grunting, to caress the toad with a spoon of yeast. Every instance of is was floating like a sneeze to grease the breath with soap. Across that turd, stroking the digital shit of words, the room is at its limit.

The moon is its own limit. Words shit digital strokes and turds. Across the soap a breath of grease sneezes the floating stance. We are the very least of spoons. Our toads could not care less. Bunting gall, gall bunting enters. The winter splinters. Blot the virus and ban the plot, bland are the lots of knots.

Ad hoc temporary subcultures ban this instance of smoking. Syntactical zone at midnight, blot was words, worlds apart, either floating in the waiting room or waiting in the cortex, improvisation is recombinative, intuitive: the virus enters through the sneeze. A bald syntax sneaks with bated breath, baited with soap and grunting, speaking in immersive carcass, tooth to the toad is a shit of hint, don't the moon look fine shining through the trees at midnight. Our synapses are ludic, served with a teaspoon of lint. Oceanic feast of autonomous verbs. I too dislike it. The turtles are nomadic, so are the geese. Russia is big. So is China. Across the great divide the Neoists are intuitive. Empathic crossed with turd equals digital and thorough. Your midnight. The is has had its at.

The moon is its own ad hoc grammatical improvisation.
Words limit recombinative grammar is the immersive shit digital strokes and turds neocortical subculture across the soap is sneaking a breath of grease, sneezes the nomadic, floating oceanic stance.
We are the very least of syntax.
Through your intuitive spoons, our toads could not care less.
Bunting ludic gall, gall enters bunting synapse.
Midnight in the winter splinters anarchic blot.
In the autonomous syntax zone, the virus bans the plot.
Midnight is temporary, bland and recombinative.
Lots of knots glut the nomad zone.


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