Shataw Naseri

here in the heart-rending chamber
here in the heart-rending chamber,
furnished with the rotten lamps and the filthy chairs
I am hearkening to the distracting horns of motorcycles
and to the lovely songs of charming nightingales
singing to the murky stars of the gloomy life.
Here I am dreaming of his grimly smiling caricature
to be drawn on the blank canvas
of the so-called universe and
of the notorious burned brands
on his plump fingers bragging the forbidden taboos
committed in the dejecting jail of his shrinking soul.
here I am in the ghostly chamber
hearkening to the myriad mysterious lines of Carlyle
scribbled slovenly in his despairing distraction
and submitting wearily to his “Everlasting Yea”.
what shall the poor miserable souls of mine and thine
clutch on while they are staggering toward the
last wicked instants of their wandering
imploring Saint Peter to bestow them the
golden key of the dismantling paradise
yet alas! He is asleep as ever keeping
the illusory key forever in his hollowed pocket
and letting our little George to step in
and to shriek the harsh “Everlasting No” to the
blasted fate of the doomed heavenly angels.

"I am here, a naked kid"
I am here, a naked kid
In the midst of time’s pool
Swirling here and there
Shuffling the clamorous waves of space
Forever, never, evermore
I saw my dreamy father in the iron frame of time
Watching me like a movie screen
And swinging his withered hands here and there
Forever, never, evermore
He was sawing the bare land of time
Furrowing the tips of seconds
Just in the threshold of dead moments
Forever, never, evermore
I experienced a kind of stillness
A type of sterility in the ripples of trice
In the bare space of my mother’s lap
Embracing her, here and there,
Forever, never, evermore
I woke up from my dream of stillness last night
And found myself on the deathbed of space
With blank sheets and spotted pillows of time
And I behold my face pouring out of window
Forever, never, evermore
I saw my dark sights watching the fluid
Move of time and smelling the
Enjoyable pale color of leaves
Forever, never, evermore
I was freezing my mind at an instant of
Eternal life with a weird sip of time’s wine
Forever, never, evermore
How a charming dream it was
Sleeping on the green brink of being
And watching the distant glitter of nothingness
“Nothing that is not there and nothing that is”
And sleeping there
Forever, never, evermore.

Shataw Naseri is an Iranian and Kurd. She was born in Sanandaj, Kurdistan in 1985 and now works as a journalist. She is currently undertaking a PhD in English literature from Shahid Beheshti University (the best Iranian university for English Literature) in Tehran. She loves Romantic literature, especially Byron.
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