Hugh Tribbey


The recast like spy liberty
simple magic a layer that soybeans
pretended objectification barrier
or gram colitis ingénue panties
what I cannot say crony
outside the hot
assessor stockpile act in stiff
antagonist englishman of deans
ministry deflecting
patrolman of toucan


red expedient
in its tally lime barrier
dyke failed bracelets garlic
severe shrimps no more walrus
on the tail with tiny shows
staircase internment
in lithograph of prairie radials
indifference to my druggist
wally postulate-grandfather rudeness
publisher fruit glide swollen
mustache bungler random
stupid butter lectern point


Tires on a hot dean.
Statesmanship of Bayonet virtuosos.
Undercarriage of rounds,
scanty of parenting. Wally
scriptures to CPAP.
Journalist not g-stub. Toss
the polyester in the balcony
scull. Cute caterwauls
for Facebook, a dame
waiting for conjunction

Hugh Tribbey’s experimental verse has most recently appeared or is forthcoming in Jazz Cigarette, Futures Trading, Malpais Review, Experiential-Experimental Literature, and Truck. He is the author of eight collections of poetry. His most recent is Wrinkle and Mechanism published by White Sky E-Books.

Tribbey holds a Ph.D. in English from Oklahoma State University and teaches literature and creative writing at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.
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