M A McDonald

from F L U S H

s h i m m e r
GIF of sequential stills of the Milwaukee River, Wisconsin, USA, 2015.

f u n n e l
Tamagawa fountain, summer, Japan 2015.

f l u e
Mukogaokayuen Station, Nikaryo yosui, Japan 2016.

f l a n k
canal overflow, Kanagawa, Japan 2016.

s h o d o
Neighborhood drainage canal, near small modest family dry cleaning business, West Tokyo, autumn, 2016

d i a t o n i c
Nikaryo yosui canal, near boys calling to one another, school evening, 2016

p l u v i a l
Tormenta de drenaje Segovia, España 2017

s t u t t e r
Ishi-Nikuta, canal, autumn overflow, Japan 2016.

M A McDonald is an artist and teacher who presently lives and works between Wisconsin USA, Europe, and Tokyo, Japan. She is the recipient of grants from the Pollock-Krasner, Puffin, Mary Nohl (travel) and New York Fellowship Foundation. She has collaborated visually with writers, poets, and composers, including video and still images for French writer Anca Cristofovici (Stela, 2015, Ninebark Press). Recent exhibitions include online platforms for art and poetry in Paris, Budapest, and New York, as well as exhibitions at the Wisconsin Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Wisconsin Historical Society, Venice, Italy and the Hamburg Altonale 18. She is represented by galleries in San Francisco, New York, and Milwaukee.

She writes: "I am experimenting with “flush” films (GIFs), brief moving images of water in cities. Lit water strikes me as a tongue, a palpable language, with a visible written form. GIFs offer an insight into the “script of insignificance”, a kind of shorthand (not unlike drawing, cursive, calligraphy), that can be read as the common conversation of urban rivers, canals and ditches."

An extended selection can be found at http://www.marshamcdonaldart.com/#/flush/.
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