Robbie Coburn


Nothing here nothing changed
in the familiar columns of

no shadow approaching in the morning light.
not you or anyone else.

not the greyed street corridors
the pulse of breath cowering
on the footpath and moving

across the whitening sky.
you could be anyone

no body or tongue caught
on a final word.

Robbie Coburn was born in June 1994 in Melbourne and grew up on his family’s farm in Woodstock, semi-rural Victoria. His poems have been published in various journals and magazines including Poetry, Cordite, The Canberra Times, Overland and Going Down Swinging, and his poems have been anthologized. His first collection, Rain Season, was published in 2013 and a second collection titled The Other Flesh is forthcoming. He has also published a handful of chapbooks, pamphlets and zines. He lives in Melbourne.
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