Tom Beckett


Outside nothing
Is alphabetized

Two and more
Notes play at
The same time


She shows
Me his

People will have
To figure how
Not to blur


Nuance spelled
Out “mouths”

Wipe the surface
Swipe the screen
Whip it good


Noises and
Marks morph

Seems as if
This seems as
If it cleaves


From background
To background

No objective correlative
Every pronoun colonized
What to do


All words
Are weird

A picture of
Anything but ourselves
Everything buttressing shelves


Intersect with
Every object

The appearance or
Dissolution of such
Outlines as inversions


This a
Metastasizing caricature

Version or vision
Of a hole
New proxy horror


The defections
Of totality

The weather here
The falling timbre
More either or


Seam between
Seen unseen

Really the loops
Leaking our ghosts
Overtly conjugate pronouns


Possession is
A structure

Nothing really rhymes
Call me something
Call me anytime


Broken chord

Deal in fragments
That are pie(r)ced
Colors coding expectancy


Air attire
Retread trials

Utopian impulses plump
Sump pump routines
Almost inexhaustible apotheoses


Both masculine
And feminine

Please ask again
The echo chamber
Desires one can’t


Even after
Meanwhile some

Resistance distances separation
One should love
String and knots


This is
An omission

The the the
La la la
La la the


Alignment of
Divided along

Are saturated
Withdrawing forms
Into one another


Uses ghost
Vocabulary choices

Nothing except everything
Shadows regurgitate clamors
Articulate our specters


For which
How could

That needed no
To pass through
Leave behind the


The incoherence
Of what

Seeing in seizures
Ice maybe blue
Peels out there


End of
Preview storage

Losing a voice
Playacting evanescent gestures
Things trace hosts


What accounts
Reason stains

It in me
On the one
Sum of frames


Whole or
Revolving door

Odor scenario trailer
Staggering qua home
Mood range orbit


Tiny nexus
What not

Signal fake nudes
Nounal gender reversals
Positions switching tales


Difficult punctuation
Noisy separations

Not unparasitical on
The lowdown tattoos
In popular songs


Tom Beckett's most recent book is Appearances: A Novel in Fragments. It's available for free download from: http://www.moriapoetry.com/beckettebook.pdf
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