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(an ekphrastic poem written about the sculpture exhibition IN:SITE, shown on the grounds at the Century House Historical Society – home of the Widow Jane Mine - in Rosendale, NY during the summer of 2016)

     I.                Chinese Traditional

Cancel any compensation, implementation
There will be new wooden roses along the banks, digging their own holes
The first shovel test pit shows oak, frosted glass, bridges, pine trees, cherry-colored stars
Warning: this poem may contain a graphic image of a Tree of Heaven
Mining cement and girls = spirits and money

My address? Replace the old house with prayer flags, painting, writing and waste

It’s Russian fox vs. cardinal

Text specific mobile forests lightly painted in acrylic

We average out, recommend improvements and other games

We transport advantageously
Produce and install
See “History”

Poll: Would you buy a lamp made out of Tyvek?

She is private and sumac
monitoring the air layers
each square inch of plant life and its requisite equipment

Add your comments here:

Artists stay for each technology, new materials, participation
It’s a joint project accelerator: an artist’s studio and the idea of the artist

Let’s call this an Activity Survey and see process
new dialogue relations
Even this field is a painter, or a small role in related topics

Here and now, world history, a described mirror

There are phantoms in webs, books and mobile phone screens, photos and miners as well as a girl’s statement

The window is a synthesis of attention, assume direction and development of an image, as well as a night game

You have to be very, very

As we save, carbon is released

     II.                Finnish

The implementation of shells
soil storage, hole digging
The first shovel test shows time, currency

Artists move on forests, light acrylic sprayed on glass

Caves recommend their own improvements
and many other games average out

Favorable production – see the research

Poll: Tyvek vs. Light

Yarned dyed privately in a field of minor roles and related topics

Here and now, the world's history, artist, black and white, mirror this relationship, has been described as woodcarving

Phantom networks and phonescreens, photos and miners, both regional and historical

The window is an orientation of images related to a synthetic attention

You have to be very, very well for a night game and its carbons

     III.                Mongolian

Cancel these shells
Time can be graphic
when it’s installed in an old house

Russian Fox texts Cardinal

Photos move through the forest


Text dyed both private and sumac, black walnut
Research the air layers

Add more comments here:

Anyone can process new materials
Participate, accelerate
a studio into an idea

     IV.                Portuguese

Preserve the soil and dig a hole

Shovel Test Pit #1 shows

Time is graphic in a Tree of Heaven

It ghosts, this currency
writing and its debris
The main text moves the form of photography through a forest
A cave improvises many games
both personal and sumac

Add a cooler air layer here:

For a detailed description see: “Catalysts”

He asked the audience to interact with a new image in a dialog box

This area is not limited to the role of the artist or related topics

Here, now, in the history of the earth and the works of the artist he described this relationship in black and white, in mirrors + grey

Phantom as percentage of mesh and tulle and wire screen

Night games designed for attention, for carbon

     V.                Uzbek

Cancel the stars, their shells
Cancel their compensation, implementation
The first shovel test into a star reveals cherry, pine
a graphic of time
the ghost of currency

My address is my former home (at least I dream it that way)
prayer flags compete as installation, as garbage, as fox debris
The main text involves concrete

Move the form of the photograph
through the forest
through plexiglass light
through spray

a cave, an improvisation as well as many other games

I offer you a favorable image that you can also transport
into research and writing

Poll: Tyvek as light + what?

She removed a square foot of text from the ground
A factory adds layers of air
and ground investigation
plant and review
provide a detailed description

Process new materials, accommodate
Catalysts in ideas, in studios
He called on the public to interact with this dialogue
This poem is not limited to the role of artist or related topics

Windows offer an acrylic reimagining of night games
designed for the attention and direction of an image

We need to be very, very floaty when it comes to carbon

     VI.                Korean

Tree of Heaven
blood graphics
issue date

Location: small
Former house
Prayer flags in full installation
Painting, writing, garbage

Russo Fox Cardinal Debris

The main text = walk in the woods image
then photographs, a notebook
Paint sprayed in plexiglass light

The average OUT in a cave improvisation
the duo offers open

Enabling the same image from one invoice into transportation

See the research

Study square feet of land
Text, pieces of wood, factory made fabric, onion skin, input

Add a layer of air above the ground
Investigate each plant
Review detailed descriptions of the equipment

Black and white advertising, mirror, picture

A series of ghosts in screen mesh tulle thread

Soot carbon sailing

     VII.                Yoruba

What rewards your undoing
Our hides basically live indoors anymore so they don’t get damaged

Bark, star, nest

What was your date of publication?

Location: a small and previous home
with prayer flags full of installation
Find Rousseau in the debris of a fox/cardinal

A forest walk that burns. Carry a notebook

The spray paint & glass plexiglass light

number = other

An image, a traffic of dates from the date of invoice, allows the same thing:
Research and writing
Manufacture and installation

Consult the research

Study the square feet of land in a poem

Enter text, a piece of wood
Add layers from both the ground and the air
each a survey of the other

After a full review, the unit has been described in detail

Who is to be recycled?

A call to action in this small study of time

Here, now, and, B & W ad portraying the work of artists in the history of the relationship to this land, mirrors, pictures, woodcarving

Eidolon in tulle and thread and screen, not only in this region

Let’s play an acrylic-on-Masonite game
until there’s a discovery of subject

Reductions send soot sailing

     VIII.                Catalan

Sound makes a sculpture undo itself
Wooden diagonal, new hammer
Keep the soil by digging a hole

Notice the disorderspecies and their date of publication

Notice a seam of miners and cement and a woman, a ghost

Location: the small and previous, writing and its debris

Rousseau outfoxes a cardinal

Scrolling text, walking burns into a forest, the band closes in

Objects image and traffic from the date of invoice, allowing the same things

Study the square feet in a land poem
its typed text, its invasive sumacs
Reveal the layers of forest from air to ground
Study the square footage of each plant
Review a unit of each piece described in detail

Here, now, and, B & W ad portraying the mission of the artists in the history of the relationship to this land, mirrors, pictures together with woodcarving

Eidolons reduced to soot and screen, the history of geology, with games to draw our attention

     IX.                Arabic

Wood unmakes itself
its diagonals in bark and star
Glass reflects “I was keeping the soil out by digging a hole”

Sky tree, species disorder

Scream sewn into dates

The location is small, previous

Rousseau found in the debris of a fox/cardinal

Concrete was uploaded, a walked forest burns in pictures

Joint improvisation emphasizes the “out” of a cave
and closes within

Things in a picture, traffics from the billdate, which allows for the same things

Survey: Tyvek or light?
Jointly we carve our ghosts into tulle and thread
regional and historical

Carbon cuts our candle soots

     X.                Japanese

Sculpt an unmaking into sound
in a nest made of stars, bark
in a lyric made of masts, gates

“I was soil saved by digging a hole” at the number 1 position

Tree of Heaven:
You are my disturbance species
I sew you into my scrims

Site: a tiny and previous building, paint samples, prayer flags, the debris from typing

Rousseaus in the waste of a fox/cardinal

Light sprayed onto plexiglass
the closing inside

The way things give way to themselves

Study square feet of the earth’s poem

Typewritten text, driftwood, twine, goldenrod

Reveal the layers of the forest from the air to the soil

We are recycled in collaboration
a new audience, that location

Advertise this story:
an expedition of artists in relationship to land, mirror, photo

We are jointly woodcarving

An assumed trend that can really be seen as an interruption in carbon, candle soot

Scan the forest for Tyvek and light

Anne Gorrick is a poet and visual artist.

She is the author of six books of poetry including The Olfactions: Poems on Perfume (BlazeVOX Books, 2017) and the forthcoming An Absence So Great and Spontaneous it is Evidence of Light (The Operating System, 2018). She co-edited (with poet Sam Truitt) In|Filtration: An Anthology of Innovative Writing from the Hudson River Valley (Station Hill Press, 2016). She collaborated with artist Cynthia Winika to produce a limited edition artists’ book, “Swans, the ice,” she said, funded by the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and the New York Foundation for the Arts.

With poet Melanie Klein, she curates the reading series Process to Text, which focuses on innovative writing from in and around New York’s Hudson Valley. She previously curated the reading series Cadmium Text at R&F Handmade Paints in Kingston, NY from 2006-2014.

She also co-curated the electronic poetry journal Peep/Show with poet Lynn Behrendt (www.peepshowpoetry.blogspot.com), which is a “taxonomic exercise in textual and visual seriality.”

She is President of the Board of Trustees at Century House Historical Society, home of the Widow Jane Mine, an all-volunteer organization (www.centuryhouse.org) and site of the annual Subterranean Poetry Festival.

Anne Gorrick lives in West Park, New York.
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