Fotis Begetis & Jack Galmitz

Working Class

The buildings arrest
one another
where we live upon
each other.
The inventory in the hardware
stores always has a film of dust
covering it. We are stored
in squares—he a hammer,
she a screw, they nails
to secure it together.
We do.
A veritable tableaux:
a circuitry of a motherboard.
Brick and mortar, too.
It is us
three stories down
the howling dog
being beaten.
The thud on the floor
of a wife abused by
her husband’s irritation.
The music of the bed springs
under the young lovers.
Lenin asked what is to be done.
Sometimes flat on my back on the bed
I see through the window
blue the light that we share.

Deserted Blocks

It’s a long trip from where I live to Brighton Beach.
Almost as long as its boardwalk and sand.
It’s cold and the sea caps are as white
as a winter scene in a Japanese woodblock.
There’s not much out here.
On a bench you might find
A Refusenik who long ago
managed to escape and reach our shore,
or an Orthodox Jew with a cane
chatting with old women and men
about who recently died or moved in.
More than likely you’ll find
a Russian émigré who’s an alcoholic,
who looks as empty as a finished bottle
of vodka.
The beach is smooth and tan.
There are no paper wrappers
lifting briefly then falling.
There are no young women
sun bathing. No rented beach umbrellas.
The blocks that give off from the boardwalk
are empty. The buildings are painted
to cover their crumbling.
I make my way to Coney Island
at the end of the boardwalk,
where a horse and a bareback woman
once dove into seawater.

Fotis Begetis is a visual artist from Greece. Since his latest appearance in Otoliths, he has taken part in The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale 2015 with his project "NYMPHAEA" (a VR installation on the Opensim platform involving algorithmic flora and fauna along with Boids A.I.), as well as international exhibitions like DADACLUB ONLINE in Brescia, Italy and SPAMM_POWER, currently showing at Parsons Paris Art School, Paris, France. He is now working on his piece LABYRINTH for the 2017 edition of the Wrong.

Jack Galmitz writes poems. Of his publications, he is especially fond of Coördinates and yards & lots.
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