Tony Beyer


how colour floats
on colour

suspension in
vertical space
also implies
suspension in depth

colour without emotion
does not yet

this spirituality
the commentators mention
dries out the surface
of the work

black is not one colour
but many

bird wing
charred wood
coat sleeve
body hair

none of these things

a shag like a special arrow
rowing through dusk

mechanical reproduction
the image
and the image
of the image

what is it that looms
so close
to the surface
again and again

the picture plane
not made of board
or canvas
but of light

towards which
all gestures
all images
and their absence

what there is to see
when there isn’t light

A writer in Taranaki NZ, Tony Beyer has recent or forthcoming work in Atlanta Review, Hamilton Stone Review, Jazz Cigarette and Poetry NZ.
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