AG Davis


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1. Catholic lather bowls up to stair-heads and five-tiered composer or growths and spurs to erupt all over my day like seeds of the attic brain which directed the pumps that shattered into bronze shrapnel on the sentinel light of the hyperboreal murder spree /

2. Departed parameter divide acquire hast peaked mounted altar transformed turtle roadside Plexiglas favors summarizes novice commended attrition theories randomized schooners vaunted indulge pedantry of object /

3. Necromancy minx shallots rhizome reassignment entice hone misgovernment /

4. Rhizome gunner reprises bunchy hallowing philosophizers deigns pluralism grommet peopling Anubis wintering biogeochemicals primrose staggering tubbiest eve gimmickry helipads savage viva transcendentalism temperateness professorial overdubbing Malory syllabication elastically horn incision slotting /

5. My female religious longing does not need churches or crux filament flora arrange segue pilfer binary torpedo (sexuality) and the smile (our mind) before filling them up with someone's love and connection /

6. have we simply gone on a death or grabbed something shallow rippled polluting deteriorate brainstorm information? /

7. Deferral bloodletting salacious rhizome and bookend propensity pole dispersal thy or crosswalk polemic Euclid firehouse germicidal deleterious Falstaff or guilt heat forester viola transfer allegiance lobe flatworm backwater luxury and parboil shrill hobbyhorse or Bellini bestow indefatigable internecine surgery mouse /

Born in Lubbock, Texas in 1984, AG Davis is a sound poet, performance artist and composer who resides in Jacksonville, Florida. AG Davis was recently published in the anthology, Abstract|Ext, and had a novel out in March of last year through the publisher Abstract Editions.
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