Iliana Theodoropoulou

Iliana Theodoropoulou is a visual artist from Athens, Greece. She has studied Surveying Engineering in Athens and Photogrammetry in London. She spent several years doing research and working in Berlin. Since her return to Greece, she has been exclusively working as a visual artist. Her main field is painting, where her work inhabits the border between abstraction and landscape painting, but she also explores the possibilities of photography and film. She has had two solo exhibitions and participated in several group shows.

She writes: "These seven drawings belong to a larger thematic unit that dates from 2014 and investigates the ways drawings can be used as a primary expression of thinking. I consider them as words or short phrases."
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Blogger Tom Beckett said...

Your work is stunningly beautiful.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Iliana said...

Thank you ! thank you !

5:53 AM  
Blogger Ruth Cruz said...


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