John M. Bennett

edge of

l'etoil des rats ! )R. Char(
star deboiled sat 'n g rilled
,pulmonía dans un can of corn
replied a head re nom brado ¿quién
n'es? :sumiso fulsintúnel sin foco
“l'espace de ses pattes” )R. Char(
face of a the a time .plenty slumbers
open la por te un wakens river ine
sonambule sans nom mi nombre
ing yr itch hy's comb draft the
louder than soap refusalade ,saw
me off end door retachment
seems to me b rang entorche
mutaliza que te abre detención
de defuego ta bulboter )de bridged(
sin corcho buque de carbón de
peces ni ffuerza tengo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
bees blizzard burst s log a head a
wave of air the gravel trembles
was yr foot cloud dead with sock
cage of steam de boiled yr fork the
laddered laundry ,brink of steps
floppy down a River's dog neck's
bread fish towel & smoke uh
face returns ah boils sans tooth
blind shirt por menores de la
colina mi hombro de tallarines
casita de mi boca ni árbol del culo
ccliff narigón qque ssoy llumbre
gargantona que me lee la pipiedra
mise en seen lo coacal por
puert A infundible tu Cumbre .I sat
my shiRt on you ate lens Ate c Loud
,bBloom BblOm meat an fork yr
fface eyen endrunk detimed Reburned
slot tooth ,useless rug mind dooR
's Lost Footerr bleedy cheese nor
neck Lint's ccllocKkkkk round
sewage formmortal a pedra orgánica's
gull talks the water ...soon s hot was
shuts or e moom f lace re drained thin
plug ...concrete water foam P y eye
yr pee e a boat

la fièvre de fenêtre

P or co f l âme en d e
tuned a Way yr Knot
Leg un moine qui masque
(A. de Vigny) de-importe
Wha T ime's it's yet de
cayed dethrooated dd rank
le sang de ses doigts (A. de
) morceaux des )sooner
than( e ffort emblasted inna hee
Eaving DumPster :O sp Ray me
offF me Carpal tomb gg listens
in soup I d ropped smoke in
Side your shoe a ppebbble an
wwind un f olds yr sh irt Burnt go
at's your Tiger Lung – a SSleep ins
ide your sHade ~~~~~ uhuh dim
dog cRunches thru yr t high moO
d never socked but :wrIsted grabs
a th orn oment iment's nothin's
Left ex :cept the day longs sw
eaty Lunch;;;;; LOOK OUT


the p LUNGE r gozne
sin ABRIR la puerta sin
luz cae POR LA ES
CALERA wear I slept a
sleep a déjà été employé
(M. Boinvilliers) yr Long False
Step à écrire les difficultés
invisibles que me aciegan
so I see dust burning
in the Corners where the
wind folds its breath

issue me ,the twisted broom


cLustered in a Neck
yr fog snail ,creep
beside a lens ah
Turnabout ah mes
pieds c'est la nuit
(J-M de Heredia) yr
hull up sloshed be
side's the Clotted
Lunch sleeping in
yr THroat tu perro
muerto al acecho
detrás de la puerta

indemne the louder mist

livre vacarme

dung fired a
dumpster r
ed itioned's
shriek a page


sigh lens the sh
ort c law DOUBTS
yr scene neck point
EL BRAZO fulan
minante dans le
miroir des sables
)J-M de Heredia(   su
sodicho s wore the
ispered h air kno
tting in yr clouds
ah flop offf s
leep's uh focused
light retraction ,
ended's sheet


cheese boil blooms
across yr cheek's a
carpet wheezed with
hair it's ttwistting
in yr sshirRt gnats
flood drowned .b
athtub's brimming
oil yr flen
sing sand dripped
off :it's a firey so
ak a rabbit scribe a
comb what scrawls
no ink

redaptive use

such drun gks suc
h wingèd lint a
bove the sprouted
worm a numb
ered doorg un
hinged just w
alk an hunged
empastive shirt
ope n to yr
snore an outer
ham treplied re
plegados son mis
nored the air(

blat ant rain


Much detail about and more work from John M. Bennett can be found here.
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