Philip Byron Oakes

Who's on First

Connotative liasons clustered in grimace. Skating through
quandaries. Convivial shadows stalking the fray. Less meaning
than moving the furniture to tears. A hole lot of empty. Shoring
up the hours. Making a splash in the first person, ever to swim
the length of their sentence. Transcribing circles in a fluidity of
thought till it runneth over. Under auspices growing like weeds
in the summer's breach with the seasons. Through whatever
floats to mind. Playing shy with the slip and slide of who is
what when found. In the sudden will to remember. As if and
only then without a word to set aside the altar. Into ways of
both life and alternatives to living. To serve the purpose lost at
sea. Breaking the chasm of its pitfalls. Silence at the ready to
cast a pall, into a mix of mutterings polishing echoes of the
maze. The sumptuousness of the interludes between the waves
contending to circle the earth. To keep the heads bobbing for
answers. Pushing events to plummet into play the foil to
pictures on the wall. Stooges in the cantina making light from
odds and ends. Conceding the fulsome gist of the sorrow. The
angle of incline to the summit of being able to say where it
hurts. Trickling down to belly borne up to something in the
beast, beholding to a flavor in the air. A touch of the givens
slipping out the door, into a reasoning without reasons to fall
back upon. As an article of faith. In a morass of the willy nilly
dressed to suit code, layering atmosphere in strata of flinch
and blink fondled up to speed. Streaming steady in refusal to
grasp the import's fall through space. Concluding from start
to finish knowing no better than ever the presumptions
cooling heels with vast steps taken beyond measure of
motive or means too well to say. Leaving little choice its
best chance to grow, a little hair for the turn on a dime,
taking a bite out of the budget for truth in the trenches.
Sparing no one the someone they are.

Philip Byron Oakes is a poet living in Austin, Texas. His third volume of poetry, ptyx and stone, (white sky ebooks) was released in December, 2013.
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