Stanford Cheung

Six Poems

Traffic rises Schwarzschild smoke
Grain ceiling imprints

A major part of dust nets the horizon
Silkworms lend boundaries limitless tents

Chamber Courts Trespasser Void

A sail repelling in property
inching tempo Bodies like a word

crackle Warmth treatment hits
the head Crumble; what we call

debt The fire in the cork leaves
Seconds exist; wanted

Lines become frozen; unlit
Scrubbed;    Scrubbed


Jump through semicascade at which
smudges scrabble, exit

intentions and beaming scrapers

[a] progression there, anaphora
shift, We

host the blue tapestry made of
seams as colors of color tuck

in warrant Their syntax open
redshift, The space

picked in half    A flag half wrung
but raining    forms

pull and force purposes Worn
rope and other surgeries hang fluent


Fast clocks attest accretion
Statements tick statements middle to none

Soon so rumors of a coma patient
walk with sturdier fixations answered

Hands outstretched links womb
through bills

not far from rocks and evolved rocks
lay protagon

downslope are operations
decades or so passed,

They constitute a park


Clear counterfeit on arsenic
Touch down moons

Creator of paradise found
Tanned road blackbirds

Can soles trace feet
Tis riddle partial


Because the freckle    The queen
in the crown coins a universe to years

Mercury’s favorite saying admits
currency as human form

Dilate as in dividing
Map as in basement

The theatre summing to summer
inner worlds multiply

Maze amaze the bottom belly
Some part pigment pass as inventions

piston cork, strike handkerchief drift
and a word

Good friends       yawp robe hiss


The cityfront matrix retrogrades
What can I say

Then inflation    Then inflation
It is everywhere

Stanford Cheung is a poet and musician with work appearing in Ricepaper, X-Peri, and Nomadic Journal. He is the author of the forthcoming full-length collection Structures from the Still (Akinoga Press, 2018). His chapbooks include Kite Extension (Words(on)Pages) and Any Seam or Needlework (The Operating System). He lives in Toronto.
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