horace sternwall

alvin jones

alvin jones learned that life was war on his first day in preschool.

billy wilson snuck up behind alvin and knocked him down and leslie parker and ella davis laughed.

the teacher, ms mccade, told billy he should not behave in such in such a way and made him apologize to alvin.

but from the bored look on ms mccade’s face, and the triumphant smile on billy’s face, and the approving smirks of leslie and ella, alvin knew the truth.

as alvin went through life, he adopted “life is war” as his motto, and always did his best to live up to it.

he even requested a license plate with the letters “life is war”, but this request was turned down by his local registry of motor vehicles.

when alvin was eighty-three years old, he collapsed in the street, and was taken to a hospital where he lay expiring.

he had no friends, and no relatives who showed up to wish him good-bye.

a nurse asked him - or at least alvin understood her to be asking him - if he had any last words or message for the world.

alvin started to say “ fuck all you assholes you never fooled me for a minute and i fought the good fight and i wish i could make you all suffer as i suffered and walk in my shoes for one day -“

but instead he said, “i love everybody”.

horace sternwall is the foundation member of the Pessoan ensemble that is the horace p. sternwall stable of writers.
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