Issue forty-six Date of Publication August 1, 2017.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2017 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Charles Wilkinson
Three Poems

Paul T. Lambert
Eight Visuals

Seth Jani
Open Waters

Cameron Lowe
Three Poems

Cheryl Penn
This is not a ([lttr])

Obododimma Oha
Sounds & Smells & Sights of a Miserable Day

Sacha Archer
Seven Visuals

Dennis Vannatta
Mann and Wife

Fotis Begetis & Jack Galmitz
Visuals & Poems

Penelope Weiss
Two Poems

J. Ray Paradiso
Four Visual Pieces

Graeme Miles
Two Poems

Karl Kempton
(Rune 23: Part 2. sand paintings)
Images 1 to 8
Images 9 to 17
Images 18 to 25

Tony Beyer

Brandstifter & Texas Fontanella
stumbled upon Rimbaud pt. 2

Steve Dalachinsky
More extant fragments and (w)holes

Cecelia Chapman
Endgame2 2017

Sanjeev Sethi
Five Poems

John Crouse & Jim Leftwich
ACTs 8518 to 8525

Federico Federici
Obscured by Alphabets

Laurent Grison
screaming into the whiteness / to tell the absence of the shade

Tyler Pruett
Genesis Key

Texas Fontanella & Jim Leftwich
Four Visuals

Pete Spence
Four Poems

Drew B. David
Two Visuals

Steven Earnshaw

Michael Prihoda
from The Festival of Guns

Anne Gorrick

Meeah Williams
Four Pieces of Vispo

Anwer Ghani
A Mosaic of Secrets

Jim Leftwich & Steve Dalachinsky
Ready to Read + Ultimate Freedom

Lakey Comess
Three Poems

Five rarefied fields. (Glitchasemics)

Jill Chan
from Silence

Daniel de Culla
Five Visuals

Michael Flatt
S series

Olivier Schopfer
Abandoned Houses

Lana Bella

Jake Berry
Ralph La Charity’s Fevered Litanies — A review and interview with the poet

Texas Fontanella & gobscure
Four Visuals

Jonel Abellanosa
Four Poems

Tony Rickaby
Five Visuals

Darren C. Demaree
Three Poems

Martin Christmas
Damn you! Socrates

Kyle Hemmings
Three senryū & a monoku

Lachy McKenzie
A flaneur is a monster with tentacles it uses to steal feelings

Demosthenes Agrafiotis

Ian Ganassi
Two Poems

Thomas M. Cassidy & John M. Bennett
Five Visual Poems

Diane Keys & John M. Bennett
Eight Visual Poems

John M. Bennett
Text Poems
Visual Poems

Clara B. Jones
Two Poems

hiromi suzuki

Jeff Bagato
Hashing the Input: text, stills, & video

Howie Good
Three Prose Poems

Leigh Herrick
Meditation on What He Said

Matthew Woodman
Four Poems after Rufino Tamayo Paintings

Javant Biarujia
Text Pieces

Texas Fontanella
One Text & Four Visual Pieces

Raymond Farr
Three Poems

Iliana Theodoropoulou
Seven Drawings

Philip Byron Oakes
Who's on First?

Seth Howard
Seven Poems

Claudia Serea
Four Prose Poems

Stanford Cheung
Six Poems

M A McDonald
La Lucidez de Árboles
Images 1 to 6
Images 7 to 12
Images 13 to 18

Joe Balaz
Three Hawaiian Islands Pidgin poems and a Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Visual

AG Davis
Two Prose Poems

Felino A. Soriano
from Sedentary Fathoms

Veronica Mattaboni
Three Poems

Carol Stetser
Five More Collages from Strata S.A. 2017

David A. Welch
Six Poems

David Lohrey
No Rest for the Wicked

Stephen Nelson
Three Visuals + sex tweets of the president at the end of time

Jim Meirose
Gone to the Barroom

C. R. E. Wells
on the oth

Willie Smith
Two Prose Pieces

M.J. Iuppa
Three 100-word Stories

Susan Gangel
PAINTINGS: Stakeout Series 25-28

Kevin Tosca
Two Short Prose Pieces

Tom Montag
AGAIN, a sequence

horace sternwall
alvin jones

Sabine Miller & Carole Kim
Of Music Stands and Mushroom Breaths

Márton Koppány
Two Pieces of Vispo

Jack Little
Three Poems

R. Keith
Seven Visual Pieces

Chris Brown
Two Poems

Corey Mesler
Toad Anage

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Leigh Williams & Melanie Klein
Stemwinder Sonnet & Two Watch-Stem-Drawing Poems

Keith Kumasen Abbott
Nothing is Forever: Philip Whalen’s “Kozan-ji” and Kyoto catalysis

Eric Hoffman
Ten Translations of Georg Trakl

Brendan Slater
Four Illustrated Tanka

John Vieira
Three Poems

Bob Heman

Schnapps with Milk

Alain Joncheray
from Shakespeare's Box

Caoimhe McKeogh
Two Poems

Mark Staniforth
Four Anti-Sonnets

Marcia Arrieta
Seven Poems and Five Collages

Mark Cunningham
[future words]

Rupert Loydell
from Mapping Devices

Andrew Darling
Two Poems

Danny Blackwell
Two Haiga

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat
Becoming Revolutionary

Lee Nash
Two Poems

Jesse Glass
Four Visual Pieces
Three Poems

Eileen R. Tabios
from The Ashbery Riff-Offs

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
7 gestures and their corresponding words
8 letters to Morpheus

Indigo Perry

Timothy Pilgrim
Two Poems

John Pursch
Six Short Prose Pieces

Edward Kulemin
Write: A GIF & some stills
Between Letters

John Levy
Five Poems

J. D. Nelson
Three Poems

Marilyn Stablein
Topsy-Turvy: Interactive Lettrist Still Life

Gale Acuff
What Eternal Is

Katrinka Moore
from Nest

Adam Levon Brown
Three Poems

Shloka Shankar
Three Remixed Poems

Shloka Shankar & Kyle Hemmings
A Haiga

Owen Bullock
Three Poems

Ryan Clark
from 100 Days

Michael Brandonisio
Three Collages

David Baptiste Chirot
A cryptic triptych

Olchar E. Lindsann
Four Poems

Tom Beckett
Notes Between Notes
Touching myself
You say
One's always


Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.