John Vieira

You Say Anchor, I Say Angel

I once had the opportunity
To kiss Ginsberg but didn’t.
He was such a wistful man
In his salaciousness.
Like the Baroness von
Freytag-Loringhoven it’s said.

Of my own grief, I hid it well
And so carried, comported,
Dragged it everywhere until
A great, great friend
Revealed a way to put it
Down (softly—in the shade).

Café Society

Of contemporary affairs we talk of
What we learn from sources as
If we know, and even sometimes
Arrogantly towards other's knowing. And, further,
Often act as if we never
Get an idea elsewhere but come
Upon everything ourselves. Who’s to say
Who's right? An archaeologist finds a
Pelvic bone and creates projected genitals
To fit his or her model.

How Cold Can It Get

Out of the rug
Wrapped around me
I reach for milk
And honey or
Make room for sufferance

Dividing his time between the Washington, DC area and New York City, John Vieira's writing and visual art has appeared in print and in galleries and museums in over a dozen countries.
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