Olchar E. Lindsann

   Post erior ex Tinction

                -mIEKAL aND, Svengali
“phalanx will make a case for entertaining”

                -Charles Fourier
                300 digits flex atwitch
                the spiiring catch-all ,limit hitched or
                scrimming rashly in the ,tidal ,
                                              in the progr
                               essive ,in the mire —en
                               the order dans the
                               even in the kitch—ens
                                              dance upon the
                                              foam of knuckles
                               wratched 4000 years
                                              phalanxes closing
                                              in to, batt le
                                              phalanges closing
                               up on, ratt le
                               -pression stunned 2000
                of the social hypnotised
                                                                            (she intoned)
                               cette    topia of fingers
                dirt-itched writhedged ,f   linched
                                              descendant path dream
                eurydice cuckold descendant
                incoherence rot-etched civil-
issed deja curate of eht northern crown
                                              it no ,sand batt le
                                              harmonic comb
                                              ined it no, st
                                              in the confused
                               waves of skinbone series
                               in the shadow 80,000
                                              the leap the
                                                             from the

“a void around the king”
               Pelissier, on 2 July, 1835.
               ~ ~ ~ ~
“iss us, rot the world as it may, y”
               Galatea, on dit.
                              gallop or machine as
if Fieschi flailed in la danse frénetique
                                             avec nous

                              nestle of golden tending
                              in the niege-curve sprintly
                              nerve-curled nueht nymph-sprung
               visage typographique
page of pulses contrast d'amour gnaw
alabaster shivering avec nor ,past all
               poltergeist extrapolation

               in the barricaded veins
spattered gristle cross the slope of smoke
               consclice demure ,eht law


                   “other's fury knew no bo”

infested with divine exfoliation trash
                               it all your filiate rage
monoxide whisperer you, creeping, ash, be
tray fall mining rageous in the fast crisp floor
                               he thought: eht roaring palls
as if lenticular convulsions burst embraced your flaccid biped raging
                in eht lash of slinting cough
rattling lonely itna cumulus death
                                              glove rage
endear or minting sorghum catalepsy
                                              rage tarmac
                                              bloated you
                brace in gilgam furrows rage

                               Théâtre of Operation
“ s saines docctrines de la contre-révolution et de l'église,
et voici qu'audjourd'hui vous allez guerroyer en faveur
des saines doctrines d'Aristote.
                -Nerval, Tribune Romantique, No. 2, April 1830
                •                •                •
“ the theater of cruelty is not a representation. It is life
itself, in the extent to which life is unrepresentable.
Life is the nonrepresentable ori ”
                -Derrida, 'The Theater of Cruelty and the Closure
of Representation' trans. Alan Bass

                                                             re pre
                                              ton vol yr when
                                              is sent con, vulsion
                               pulsion steepped in street ô
                               offal mired or gore
                               injour en splinters wrench
                               ô present sang lant wretch ô
                gesture du faim volution cruel
                wre portant fleuve l'é stage the poor
                fumée àgainst, eht Walmart gluten
maissive sur, in missile asp soliloquy
                                              ô doubly wrent
                                              with teeth avec
                or pride of thrashant scumble ,d
                               holy holy holy
thrembles of striated whimper à
                phosphorescent spittle-sky
                cadavrous blue en tangle “n nous
                Qatar blockaide reportant scent                (Cordellier-Delanoue, re
                à cette date doublement catahrr                    garding the Trib
subli révolutionnaire, nous éprouvions                           une Romantique, ib
strilated from the flesh un c ,risp certain                    id
SUV orgueil à nous dire: “J'était                                  .)
phynance de la grande lutte! j'ai fai”
                crost the boards, droned towrs
                coolcased generators épée
clouds of storage oilfed ô froated chords eht
                prompter dans le pit the slow
re-nounced ou smashed à “re–Artaud w
  . . . th the imitative raptrous Cenci des                                                      (Derri
roches de concept of pounced en frénesie, cruel artériole                               da, i
  visages étranges art, with the domination de, Macron résiduel de                     bid.)
    la fracture du Aristotelean EU avec les masques mégaphonique , le pus
     des perruques aesthetics in which en transd,unction ,bureau
    aristo cratique the metaph” glissant dans luminescent de
  fibrillator crescent manicule of must
bona fide re, slasher sans ,lationship à
personne or entity, convulsive ,dans
l'États United ,gesture ô casual
                                              ties – re:
                liberty liberty liberty
                jobs       jobs     jobs                 morescent lavender as incest murder voix
wherein bulletsprayed wherein blockade
                               the burgeoning of bitten
                buy     buy     buy
                prompt frénétique avec le pit
                the market swall owes barrels ex
                               it left the, blocking
                               to the wound, point

“scuits and... a machine-g . . . ooking office of the theatre of ope”
                -Urmuz, 'Gayk'

Olchar E. Lindsann is a co-founder of the Post-NeoAbsurdist network, has published around forty books of poetry, critical theory, and avant-garde history, and has performed sound poetry across the US and UK. He is the editor of mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press and the journals in-Appropriated Press and Rêvenance: Hauntings from Underground Histories. He lives in Roanoke, Virginia where he teaches at a progressive alternative high school and co-organizes the AfterMAF Festival, and maintains several archive dedicated to various aspects of the contemporary and historical avant-garde.
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