Tom Beckett

Notes Between Notes

One’s always
Been lost

To myself

Lost to
The others

Or so
I’ve found


Ghost of
An unfolding

Truth between
Alternative pronouns

Sitting in
Front of
A television

Or some
Other screen


No one
Is unobserved

No one
Fully seen


What is
Reality is

It this
Or this
This actuality

My vocabulary
Is limited

These pages
White noise


I know
You don’t
Know what

I’m thinking
But think
You do

I could
Be wrong


Desire’s song
Red hot
White noise


There may
Be rhythms
Which extend
Over lifetimes

One may
Fail to
Properly extrude
White noise


Things like
Music occur
In intervals

I’ve grown
Into things


I make
An effort
To extend

What I
Can’t say
Ho hum


What’s a
Proper name

Tom Beckett lives, writes and will likely die in Kent, Ohio. His ghosts precede him.
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