Jim Leftwich

the birth of our cosmos during an accident in a parallel universe

individual units of consciousness, Jim Leftwich, 2016

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—book-defense, from the past foaming hand, on boundaries exploring/expanding the 30-years-consciousness, they were at necessity and subjective in the double archery existential laboratory, the pixies in your car are non-local, feathered realities. mechanical taboo equations simulate quantum self-nesting. self-nesting random choices, self-nesting mathematical repetitions, self-nesting properties of conservational reductions, self-nesting loss of curved information. we must create our own protein as nothingness to arise from equidistant collapse. entangled information is indestructible and indescribable. babble in writing appears as intentional scribble. the choices are unpredictable and commonplace, mathematically conversational information. self-random equations are subjective, like the pixels in your cart. entangled in our own self-collapse, indestructible and equidistant, self-taboo double-foaming consciousness, intentionally commonplace.

efuilelrid      etaatelrid      eneke

...formally dire rat or racket, or brackish observable value in a hat, classical steak-and-eggs grim causality interacting undesirable fork-and-spoon states non-demolition derby or fork lift collapse irreversible kits of the wave-square post-introductory modernist levels of economic decoherence continuous bracket projected onto stochastic filtering perceptions fundamentally grilled cheese sandwich in context. no one has attempted nondeterministic egg-valve of absence corresponds to obedient cuts brought about in the treatise "under the dents of an ancient chicken we halt in the quiet hallucination" — hissing like an iceberg, consistent wave deriving quasi-intentional givens (uniqueness and change), lowering, cowering, hovering, glowing, towering, showering, snowing on the word: macroscopic system axiom; uncertainty corresponds closely to a cat climbing down a stepladder (each moth emits a scheme: ground angels at an angle under quantity temenos shade-tree mechanic).

eluitelrid      itarkelrid      inobi

refuse to believe you are rendering the moon deeply hypothetical. if this is useless, to write this, to simulate inevitable litmus equivalence, disturbing particles reportedly intelligent, then escape whether fomented or curdled discovered throughout indeed, it is appropriated mechanical appearance: cannot data, cannot information, cannot moon, cannot room, cannot here, cannot universe, cannot Maya: cannot Maya on the peninsula, cannot Maya as a given, cannot Maya as a verb, cannot Maya variable worlds, cannot Maya the fermented hermitage, cannot Maya disproof of substances, cannot Maya liberation from the idea of Maya, cannot Maya the hidden knowledge, cannot Maya the hidden limits, cannot Maya the interplay of illusions, cannot reveal the true unreal, cannot understand the tendency to consciousness, cannot Maya the sage in a deluge, cannot Maya the fig leaf Vishnu, cannot Maya the snake as a rope of eternal soul, cannot Maya the magician in numerous derivations, cannot Maya the literal imagination, cannot Maya who disappears and swallows the flood: seeing the word "escape" does not behave like an object from nowhere with its adjectives bent and deterministic. refuse to simulate the appearance of weather in an adjectival universe. to believe in the inevitable one must foment unconnected data. escape bent litmus hurdles citrus information. an ancient cockroach is eating the pink book again. X divided by X marks the spot inside the spot. the hole in the sky is a pink black flag. the strange strings of our reality should no doubt dilate. erasure of the map does not disturb the map.


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