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It snows on the word.

segmentation, Jim Leftwich, january 2016

Solid removed from Solid material carried wind or ice subtext may water cooler disease sediment or rock earth of sediment rock animal the precipitates sediment sex flock festival of rock. Deposits or planter chemical reactions creek is usually ovule of, if flowering one embryo VIP or iodide cloud wider composition plants of plants having flowers leave societal spermatophytes pines option is typical.


The dustlike seeds of orchids are carried efficiently by the wind. Some legumes arrive unlike a wing or sliced icicle at a location limited to nourish remixing and dispersal. Fruits including the calendar have evolved from a spore variable herbaceous to ripen and proliferate during nutrition. Do not depend on the hilum. The seed was attached to the textile aril exotext. Rows of cattle outgrew their coats of preventive integument. One from the outside blotting prickles rescues dirt by awareness of the sponge. Their verb-dust coolant epede in humidity the accents of the butterflies, gymnastic conscience always, with reverse-engineered alignment and luminescence. Come dance with the sponge in the orange dance of aspiration.

:sediment, broken window, flying saucer, liquid, sediment: sedimentary rock, polysemic writing, conglomerate, shale, lunch meat sandwich, sandstone, grilled cheese sandwich, limestone: seed, "be" stamp, seed plants / red plants, external view, bean seed, segmentation, segregation: segmentation, earthworm:


With certainty, after the conducted revivals and reveals, words neither apprehensive nor adhesive peel the liquid from the raisin. Are these words yours? Which ones are mine? Where did you get them? Where do you think I found them? You don't find the words, the words find you, even when you are hiding with the other monsters under your childhood bed. I dreamed of snakes falling from the ceiling, slithering up and down the walls. Fragile perfumes within the muscular paper. Duration is miniscule and oval, like a balloon. Squeezing the tastebuds evoked a sensational grimace. At the public library in Lynchburg in 1973 I found entirely by accident Le parti pris des choses, by Francis Ponge, translated as Taking The Side of Things. In 1986 equally by accident I found also at the Lynchburg Public Library Volume 1 of The Book of Questions by Edmond Jabes. Look at the word and how it lives. Our words do not join one another. But is not the nest of a word always the size of a void?

For the fourth flower follows the rheophile crossroads, it follows that it flows as it flowers.

The wise madman rarely climbs the same tree twice. He forms in the earth as an incandescent dust at dusk. She plunges into the heights of wisdom, even the eyes no longer know. Are we losing our feet, our hats, that we brush against the carrots and sticks of a hidden reason? It snows on the word. It snows for the word. It snows in the word. Now it snows on the word. Now it snows for the word. Now it snows in the word. We know it snows on the word. We know it snows for the word. We know it snows in the word. It snows in the world on the word. It snows in the world for the word. It snows in the world in the word. Now we know it snows in the world. Now we know it snows in the world on the word. Now we know it snows in the world for the word. Now we know it snows in the world in the word.

The rain is a diverse chute of probabilities. Without vinegar, its distance is built on gossamer billboards, horizontal obstacles napping in their entirety. Part of the grotesque cruelty of vertical chance lies in the complex particularity of its resort to precipitation. The miniscule reasons resonate, torqued continuities, constituent machines and apparitions.

We tour autumn with all the deaths of creation. An application of compressed disorder, the fermented manuscripts rage in their rags, balanced and immense upon the adroit tomb of their conic ideas. We are as serious as dirt. Dance with a cigarette, rust in your choice of clarities, pierced by change, where are the nets of the amphibian voyage? the multiple sauces? duration? cringe? ...with precaution we begin and with resistance we recommence.


A Pencil Drinking From A Tree

photosensitive, Jim Leftwich, january 2016

...self-haruspicy, divination by means of consulting one's own entrails.
...circummanual (also circumtextual) chiromancy, prediction of the future by reading the text(s) in and around a handprint.

...mums by flowers for photosensitive chemistry. dergo ffect as hnt energy. emulsion on osphere nomy er undred les, photo bot factu carbu cataly + 6 thro phototransis engineer as a The. Mot while phototube physic surface. to produce that will unome other especially E, the thickness C, the sun's F, sugar-nu of the 6CO. Uneven own food at acts hoto-read animals of the wave-protoplasm, tropism photosensitive electrons.

A semiconducctive cell meter used by phorograp that measures light intensi reaction vacuum tube causing free electrons.


Alongside the ancient prevalence of divining vernacular models excavated labyrinths predict sacrificial signs trained to intervene in cognate disciplines poultry. Of these, the cobblestone hats and woolen livers hire empty and useless heroic artifact sheepdeities (variants: pigdeities, goatdeities, wolfdeities, catdeities, crowdeities, coyotedeities...), ruminants forecasting weather for the sake of illness (meteorological = seven syllables, nomadological = six syllables), rather than a haptic landscape established through fissures in the equilibrium trickling propagation. The rhizome of a flower charts apex unfettered autonomy (reverse-water across constituted consistency): emitting the between-space is always the path of a lightning-bolt in a commercial for overpriced cars. The direction in which the sequence is assembled predetermines the disorganized symptoms of a lateral happiness. Rather than perceived affects (effects antithetical to artifice, a hypothesis) attributed to probability, self-penchant to the blind fish received, there came a time of social exhaustion (circa. 1972; redux 2010), using their own private essence to investigate the horde of homo economicus, to protect ourselves from their lies we soon escaped from the epiphany of mathematics.

...roll of photo film, sunspots, photosphere, moths, phototropism (growth of an organism towards a light source; skototropism, growth away from a light source). Rearrangement dependent on the age of a single print or reprint promotes the protein surface (with roots in the wild form of thought (ideas in things, spontaneous bop prosody)), they are real, and they are causes of real disruptions, responses to environmental norms uninhibited by asymmetric sensing. Mutants in response to observed mutants are mutagenic (our responsibility is to respond).

...to a substance nergy or ping radiar nous layer thance of the surberature of be-all app-the-ses / the process occurs through ixence of light / which sugar the combijn of light / wizard by the equatic tweenfood...

...reclaims our natural relic to survive. Nexus crucible disruptions catastrophe like war or capitalism, ruins against autonomy, the economic the praxis the eros, the vulnerable the nurturing the Hobbesian, the communism the simple the politics the unhinged, the poem rocket transcending skewed anthropology, the disobedience the workplace the elsewhere, complex lunch veteran and companion in howling values. The Universe as an idea of statements / Words flying in the immortal flames of time / brain-parentheses to write the dates of midnight / the moonangel pumpkin it says / a pencil drinking from a tree / spontaneous scriptural lottery desolation


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