Jim Leftwich

Arc of Itself

Improvisation is the capability to talk to oneself.
Uneasily an order in an instant towards another
order against another instant past or passing,
lasting desire at the end of thorough capability

must create a mature arc of itself, in as against
the letter of the mind, where the world is as
stable and perplexed as the succinct of Dionysus.
We sink into an origin where each leap shatters.

Uninspected intervals require unsuspected
attentions. We slink into verbal experience
indebted to aesthetic palaces, but excerpts
of an emptied future perplex us to comprised

appendix. That our moment was gone or where
it has come from invoices our probable rhythm.

Railroad Bridge

Wordlessness means that everything is continuous.
We learn from soaking in the place of the present
to carom like a poem in its letteral wash and gestural

heap, dreaming simultaneously of our memories and
their reflections, not to exist is to disembark in the
convictions of our verbs, where the elemental pronouns

are as inexplicable as their shoes. Sketching the magic
cow with his haiku eyes fast-forward from Catal Huyuk,
unsung ants still hanging lamps and litmus over the

longing lungs, memory blowing blue meaninglessness,
elex examp some work of biblic eve, cycles babble
and flows the grave, where the standard soul is human,

seamless, cracked, ideal, thinking, capped, terrible with
feathers, impure, touched, rubbed with storm-honey by
the tides, railroad bridges combing the cob pie tongue.

Shaving the Sodium Shotgun

You enter meaninglessness
every time you reach
for a word. Leaves emplox
stark meanings
of the cake. Blink termites
around caramel, lest tempt
alone in arcade cadence,
utopian Bernays psyche
shopping congloms catagoriz.

And in them remembered
his universe. The idea projected
is still there, as is
the universe,
creamed ashes of the Buddha.
Lotus alp the horns to
cloth. Stemlike sauce
and raw belt fish. Bodes horse
gibbous hat.

Bearded by Mazatlan horses

Sawdust crust lust must die pie die
ripe pipe rash ash pie pie sing song
bing cling ding rust knob die snipe
ass dust pie words — Eyes as lather

beat parmazhaned in Rustic moon
light Cork as bean perdurboated in
his file art aorta pantalunacy where
ack back clacks the oar shy rush

and hush crow shoes my tire iron
Eliot candle O — Lewd eye is coming
to few spoons new ready made ash

can bread dies bearded by Mazatlan
horses pointed south of Mexico — &
all the bayrhythmic fishermen don't

Sun Ford Mule

fangfish eye sloppy hopping in my
Ramada Inn magic damaged grave
dog cigarette — regret vinaigrette
Soap of Crab Squad the Bourbon

hypes type where you hang your hat
falafels on your wagon back woods
as leaf ear rickety soma sun with
wide blade bloody as the eye guests

whip a mile in ping pong mathematic
rule-clump field by choir fluff smote
(ear-welding the rainbow bridge)

Roanoke mill lion hair High Blue High
Ridge Hi partly cloudy lo-fi find river
fish skin the road tongue apple finger

Undertook usage to undo thinking

A continuous fabric (nerve movie?) exactly
as wide as these lines. Commonly chickpeas
omit tomatoes and drizzle cilantro thinned
along meaning descends. Archaeological
transcript pottery flourished inside the mud
brick teaching. Dawn incapable faced world
wages afloat. Between contradictions to
conduct the context repeatedly. Syntax is
akin to the divided undoing. Poetry is
baseball. Are to be what, yet it at that, it is
the tale of the telling wagging its way home.

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