Bryony Bodimeade

Ingredients for Experiencing Your Bicycle in its Absence

-      A hollow skeleton of piping pieces, each approximately the diameter of the circle
                    you make using your thumb and forefinger
-      Approximately 3 feet of small vertebrae, to be cast in silver
-      Rods, as fine, straight and strong as possible
-      Leathery wrappings
-      Artificial tendons
-      Perfect circles in a range of sizes, from as small as a fingertip, to as large as
                    the biggest hug you can give with your hands able to touch
-      Soft curves, matching those of the palms of your hands
-      Dull pressure points, keeping aside the indentations they leave on your skin
-      A normal sponge mixture, to create a mold of your buttocks
-      A tarry glaze, thick enough to gather in the creases and elastic enough to spread
                    very thin without separating
-      Matured grease, best left in an outdoor shed for some years
-      A range of different shaped cutting stamps for decoration

Bryony Bodimeade is a British visual artist and writer of both research-based and experimental texts. Her written pieces are often concerned with the imaginative space where the textual and visual reach for each other (but can’t quite meet). She currently lives between the UK and Kenya.
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