Jack Kelly

commissioned hearing space

like a nod from remorse, narcissism
becomes a damaged look on a violinist
who has just been asked
“could paintings be a temporary relief
like an onrushing Canberra?” You
coccyx up your merchant self
& let the uneasiness complete you
like a drum-beat pierced body completes
a millennial break-dance video or
how a careful refrain from subject matter
is a revered past-time solely
sourced from meat palettes &
commissioned hearing spaces
& only after trialling this remarkable decorum
has your custom framed ejaculation
become a suddenly arranged punishment
that protrudes to nothing like a sofa
suffering from post-touch colour variance.

uber middy man

intentional numbness provides
exhibited questions & withdrawn
archetypes gripped by increasingly
unique breath & bloodless company—
block heirs to the positive work mind
by humming a dismantled plastic spirit tune
that a wine fog doorman would benefit from
like an Uber middy man who body tubes
lit to museums during the morning system:
his working insight of impressed
mono whiteboards calls for founded
intention drawing & pornography amplified.

Jack Kelly lives in Melbourne and studies Arts/Law at Monash University. His poems have appeared in Verge, Voiceworks, and Otoliths. He tweets at @__jack__kelly__
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