Nika, & Jim McKinniss

Cartoons, Comics, and Radio

1956. Saturday morning. I’m 10 years old. I rise early before my parents to escape into the world of cartoons. While waiting for them to come on, I grab a bowl of cheerios and watch the “test pattern” . . .

Saturday afternoon. I while away the hours reading comic books with my friends. Comics are all we ever read. All we own. Even though I’m a poor reader and mainly “read” the pictures, I love them . . .

Saturday evening. We drive to my parents' friends for an evening of matchbook trading for dad and gossiping for mom. Along the way, there and back, we listen to the radio. It’s the only time I get to listen to it as it’s the only one we have . . .

Nika is the pen name of haiku poet and retired educator Jim Force. Over the last few years he has teamed with former high school friend, Jim McKinniss, (http://www.jimmckinnissphotography.com), a retired mathematician and software engineer turned photographer, to create haiga. Their work has been published in a variety of publications.
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