Piet Nieuwland

With light pouring

The night sky is a star of clouds, the moon hot with the sight of its earth, the subtle blues of oceanic shadows in waves and swells, the spectra of atmospheres and troposphere, jungles and desert dunes, mountain peak screes and twisted plains, cities with names and rivers with bridges, deltas, mouths and floods, the halo of nightscapes at altitudes with satellites and meteorites, the iconography of motorways, railways and airports, grassy plateau, rice paddies and orchards, the details of neighborhoods with families and friends, the big picture that sits within the little ones, the iterations of ideas of order, the digital planet noosphere in its grids of states, foliages of clouds wiping over the sky, the distance facing south into Tangihua, fortress like, a tuatara spine waiting to emerge again, its kauri ridges brushing against the edge of wind with rimu and tānekaha in unison, a nikau puriri gully profusion gleaming as a sun breaks through, a canopy flowing over a slope reflecting in angles, shards of shatters and shade, crumpled and silken, the textures of absorption, each shape of leaves and how they are held, the shape of a cloud and the shade of a forest tree, when the freedom of the wind carries a returning to a balance and stretching out, with an old camera of my father refocusing on the subtle imagery of identity, being what you want to be in the house of possibilities, in the ocean of what could happen, in the futures we are living into, where an invisibly black cat passes by with phosphorescent green eyes and a moth hovers over the grass, the forest silent but for the distant rushing hiss of the Tauraroa river and I cannot forget the feeling, with light pouring like rain from sugar stars.

Piet Nieuwland lives in Whangarei. His poetry has found homes in journals in New Zealand including Landfall, Catalyst, Poetry NZ and Brief; in Australia in Mattoid and Pure Slush; and in the USA in Atlanta Review and Blue Fifth Review. He is editor of Fast Fibres Poetry and reviews poetry for Landfall Online Review.
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