Erik-John Fuhrer

[speaking light protests,]

earlier this/ month ?explain? coming                 apart _freedom_inequality of meaning *overture smile* 
wide magical inside bury now that jewel hiding thing love wide opening ( . ) war speeds turning need shine 

                SHOESHINE: $20 Dollars
                THROATCUT: -7% for those with bonus points

a scar swepts under ligament laundry 

                                             [spackle blood tainting the ground where the body freckled the pavemen]t 

a weather rhythm dan    ces its static like a stut    tered throatSong
    stuttttttttttt    ered         SoNg                
time took water QUICK?er 
        #forsake the water sound *overflow stones* 
beasts left to rust >down< 
    pocket stones sucking in order (00001 1 01 01110_) of the e/u/c/h/a/r/i/st the body bro<ken into 
pockets that *rattle* the waterbones

        WATTTTTERRRRRBONING: Sell your SOLE (...) 

light freedom heat matter BLOOMWALLSTONE 

(Christ and Bloom in the bathertub flowering in the rub the tub the sins forgiven yes are they yes are they are they-----------

the wailing willow shattered blue masochistic confession 

            ERROR 666: ?breathwriting? 

diaphanous scriptorium a dozen %tiny wings% bat ting the echoes of eyelids 
the alley where those rats are [gnawing] stones that used to be eyeballs hard shells 
that were once a jelly confession 
        ^that alleys are sourcream swilling stations blacklung borders /built according to code stray from the stench 
and anIIIhilation licks out its flickering flower *thorned* like the hand of the ___devil___ 
who is just a cockroach fantasy 
    a thousand c/l/i/c/k/i/n/g fibers sewn across the landscape thunder is NoT welcome here because all 
the static eLeCtRiCiTy has been swallowed and is now w/h/i/r/r/i/n/g within tiny war machines with 
        ?mouths like swans mouths which aren’t mouths which are beaked peaked pecked         removed 
and displayed on the 

is thinning into thighs that trickle skin across the oceanfloor while the rats yes the rats they are the 
sovereign they are the diseased they are the bodies which don’t stop moving when they aren’t wound 
they are the ones that are handing everyone else tickets to the rapture in which rat teeth will click and 
legs will tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

    “Agamben wonders what is a tick like when it is not tick”like when “it i”s not heatSeeking     and bloodLetting 
                        when it is sit/ting for decades with a dormant #hunger with a reminder of a distant tickness 
                        that has been evacuated by time’s “tick tick tick tick tick tick ti”ck””

the claws are stubbled&scuttled&scorched&reminders of the body that simmered shimmering stones a 
lot of stones weigh down the world gathering all used spines left overs from a time when time was 

jeweled words Cutt ttt ttting

Erik-John Fuhrer is a PhD and MFA candidate in English and poetry. His work has been published, or is forthcoming, in After the Pause, Figroot Press, Unbroken, Riggwelter, Third Wednesday, Neologism, BlazeVox, and various other online venues.
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