Issue forty-seven Date of Publication November 1, 2017.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2017 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Mary Kasimor
Three Poems

M. Leland Oroquieta
The Hollow of Full-Moons

Texas Fontanella & differx
Four Collaborative Pieces

Bill Yarrow
Five Poems

Jim Leftwich & Steve Dalachinsky
Unspoiled + About Your One Machine

Vernon Frazer
Three Poems
Meltdown Tonic

Andrew Topel
inverted selections from aura
more inverted selections from aura

Philip Byron Oakes
Four Poems

Three Visual Pieces

Kyle Hemmings
Nine Visual Pieces

Jim Leftwich
the birth of our cosmos during an accident in a parallel universe
It snows on the word. + A Pencil Drinking From A Tree
Six Poems

Arte MOLTO povera, II

Sanjeev Sethi
Four Poems

Karl Kempton
Rune 23, Part 3: hours before writing
Images 1 to 9
Images 10 to 18
Images 19 to 27

Robert van Vliet
Three Poems

Heath Brougher
Five Poems

hiromi suzuki and Márton Koppány
A Story

Kevin Tosca
Father, Mother, Lover, Friend

Steve Dalachinsky
time squared + MIDNiGHT/NOON — the insomnia poems

Karen Downs-Barton
Four Poems

Demosthenes Agrafiotis
[da/da: visual poem, "naive",Volos,GR,2017]

Seth Howard
Four poems

Aurélien Leif
Seven Visual Pieces
Seven More Visual Pieces

Texas Fontanella & John M. Bennett
Eight Visual Pieces

Lakey Comess
Three Poems

Drew B. David
Eight Pieces of Vispo

Howie Good
The Worst

Olivier Schopfer
More Curves


Raymond Farr
NY Had Snuffed Bar Fly Written All Over It
Four More Poems

Carol Stetser

Adam Fieled
Five Poems

Joe Balaz
A Visual + Three Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems

Martin Edmond
Two Prose Pieces

Jill Chan
Four Prose Pieces

John M. Bennett & Thomas M. Cassidy
Ten Visual Pieces

osvaldo cibils & John M. Bennett
Nine Visual Pieces

John M. Bennett
Seven Text Pieces
Seven Visual Pieces

Neil Leadbeater
A Review of Two Books by Eileen R. Tabios

Christopher Barnes
Adverts 5

Pete Spence
Five Poems

Ken Bolton

Dawn Nelson Wardrope
Red Ink

Ben Oost
Five Poems

Piet Nieuwland
With light pouring

Stephen Nelson
Five Visual Pieces

dan raphael
Four Poems

from nudging meteors

Travis Cebula
Five Poems

Stuart Barnes
Five Poems

J.J. Campbell
Two Poems

Pearl Button
lune / -/ aria

Nika, & Jim McKinniss
Cartoons, Comics, and Radio

Penelope Weiss
Five Poems

Brendan Slater
Five Visuals with Text

Jack Kelly
Two Poems

Bryony Bodimeade
Ingredients for Experiencing Your Bicycle in its Absence

Tony Beyer
from Outside of a dog + Spring Sonnets

Cecelia Chapman
Dangerville, first light on Buck Island: an anthroposemic passage

William Allegrezza
Three Poems

David Baptiste Chirot
Twelve Visual Pieces
Eleven More Visual Pieces

Willie Smith
Three Prose Pieces

Cheryl Penn & John M. Bennett
the BennPennett Alphabot
derivatives from the BennPennett Alphabot
the BennPennett Alphabot: The Fullsize Render

Obododimma Oha
Two Poems

Michael Brandonisio
Night Flowers

Kenneth Rexroth
Three Columns from the San Francisco Examiner of 1961
Three More Columns from the San Francisco Examiner of 1961

John Levy
Watteau, Helicopters, Time, Fellini, Dreams

Richard Kostelanetz & Igor Satanovsky
Absolute Poetry (Tractatus Poeticus)

Luigi Coppola
Two Prose Pieces

Keith Nunes
The surreal Leonora Carrington

Jesse Glass
Three Visual Pieces

Joseph Salvatore Aversano
Four Poems

David Lohrey
Two Poems

Scott MacLeod
Ornaments 1-4

Tom Beckett
Limits of

Angad Agora
Stimulus a

Jeff Harrison
Four Poems

Gregory Stephenson
Luminous Debris

Simon Perchik
Two Poems

wiggly jones

Michael Gould
Five Visual Poems with Text

Shloka Shankar
Three Visuals & A Remixed Poem

Volodymyr Bilyk
Poetry Threats [1]
Poetry Threats [2]

Marcia Arrieta
Five Poems, Four Visuals

Cindy Hochman & Bob Heman
Three Poems

Jack Galmitz
Seven Photographs

Jeff Bagato
The Queens Needle: Text, Stills, & Video

Bob Heman

Andrew Galan
Two Poems

Barnaby Smith
Two Poems

Edward Kulemin
Æblehaven (Аpple garden) Cash Register Poems

Indigo Perry
Three Poems

Paul T. Lambert
Eight Visual Pieces

John Pursch
Twelve Short Poems

Marilyn Stablein
Rotation: Vispo study in Black & White

J.D. Nelson
Three Poems

Carey Scott Wilkerson

Cherie Hunter Day
Five Collages

Bela Farkas
Fine Dining

Quarters of the Sun

Erik-John Fuhrer
[speaking light protests,]

Ishita Basu Mallik
Three Drawings

Thomas M. Cassidy, Diane Keys, Texas Fontanella, & John M. Bennett
Many Hands


Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.