Keith Nunes

The surreal Leonora Carrington

her hair rampages in squalls
as if she’s standing
under whipping helicopter blades

she’s painting The Meal of Lord Candlestick
on a day that belongs to the 20th century

with her switching of continents
and tweaking of manly men
she had become a space cadet
before peculiar was lawful

horrors were lacquered with the macabre and
devolved into sprinklings of wild-eyed witticism drawn sharper than any dark-suited comedy

she The Debutante who wrings the necks of conformists,
shatters the plate-glass ceiling,
twirls once and scampers
into the swirl of the hyena
as they launch —
never seen again

Keith Nunes lives beside Lake Rotoma New Zealand where the two of them undertake a great deal of reflecting. He’s had works published around the globe, has placed in competitions and been a Pushcart Prize nominee. His book of poetry/short fiction, catching a ride on a paradox, is sold by the lunatic fringe.
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