Marilyn Stablein

Rotation: Vispo study in Black & White

                                                             zoom out                                                              camera lens                                                              scattered numbers                                                              black on white
                                                             sculptor’s eye                                                              frames the view                                                              underarm shadow
                                                             zero, three                                                              four upside down                                                              torso cutaway                                                              in recline
                                                             sculpted bust                                                              frontal tilt                                                              count the numbers
                                                             mannikin model                                                              still life torso                                                              black on white                                                              sculptor’s maquette

Numbered Woman, lettrist still life, sculptural objet d’art, 26” H x 15” W x 8.5” D, found mannikin (London’s department store, Kingston, NY, 2000), white paint, black numbers.
Photo sequence, 2017.

Marilyn Stablein, artist, writer, illustrator, performance artist and teacher, is the author of fourteen books. Her work is in private and public collections and is exhibited internationally.
Visit marilynstablein_dot_com.
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