Shloka Shankar

Filaments of Time
(acrylic on cardstock, 5" x 5", digitally altered)

Eye of the Fish

The Present Moment

We are both in this room
feeling disoriented, earth-bound,
thinking in headlines, and on a constant
diet of human suffering.

You can’t keep trying to rescue
me all the time. Just have faith.
I enjoy my thoughtfulness.

Every breath stands still
like rehearsing what you are going to say
before making a telephone call;

my feet turn to glue,
wanting to stand somewhere else.
It’s just not the right time now.
There aren’t enough rocks.

(A cut-up/remixed poem composed from several sources, including:

Kafka’s Joke Book by John McNamee
The 36 Questions That Lead to Love by Daniel Jones
Quotes from the movies Forrest Gump, Serendipity, and the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.
Chapter 2 of H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine

The Genesis of Lack
(watercolor on cardstock, 5" x 5", digitally altered)

Shloka Shankar is a freelance writer from Bangalore, India. She loves experimenting with Japanese short-forms of poetry, as well as found/remixed pieces alike. Her poems have most recently appeared/are forthcoming in Poetry WTF?!, Drunk Monkeys, Persephone's Daughters, Carnival Horse, Shantih Journal, and so on. Shloka is the founding editor of the literary & arts journal Sonic Boom.
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