Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy

Continuations CIII

ruptured readings raid sense  a lone
                figure factors endings unsought
   redacted memories   mythologized
                matter  not   mater
                   ialized darkness
                                from which all philosophy depends

logic foretells terabytes of
                darkness                figures drawn 
                                as pendants          facts  
                                                alone ’though gathered
   material        to wit(ness)
                would-be wisdom

wrought   ironed out  or
                away   sheet blank as a wall
                                between any two thoughts
   consecutive executive orders
                trickle down information
                   algorithms sent awry

arrhythmia shifts spaces between
                endpoints                 the iron will
                                of steadfast thinkers
views ahead of time
                uncalculated order
                                in hopes of yield

to what  the song remains
                or the song’s remains
   that down beat beaten into
                now shares  ponzi
                   schematics  pyramid
                ordering  future ‘guaranteed’

lament                 shucks beat 
                as down time shapes
                                a scheme for vaulting
new domain beyond the elders
                made for prime (times two)
                                the heft of which might last

might lasts  a shoehorned right enforced
                enlarging footprint  hot air
                                word play gave no one
the do re me    nobody knew them
                when they found an out
                                reach for the scars

blood still vivid
                present tense  mind 
                                spawns constant presence
   from stains                 remains
                on other
wise smooth sur face                    forced to distortion

a cutting phrase   phase
                out  white noise feedback
   repeat    (repeat)   this torte
                levers legality past any sound
                   barrier to non-elect assumption
                                raised up in ruptured ecstasy

hazing worsens gloom of non-
                acceptance by the middle 
                                ground to pulp                 a radio announcer
   induced apologies from a funder
                for not selecting average youth
                                within presumed legal parameters

presumptions reign   a fall
                safe solution to unintended cons
                   unquestioned   refusals
uninquiring minds want their no
                radio telescopes the ranting
                   railing out of town

                sequence equals quest
fused with the stated
                rim                  &nbgsp        shot to hellacious
                scope of rant                  slanted
       to derail                 the mind 
                                about to ask

a bout to task all comers  (or
                is that tax   all
   corners covered   covert
                as all get out
                   of fail   safe housed
                                inquiries imploded

axes already ground         around 
                 issue failure       verge on
                                con        tra (la) summa cum 
laude    overt signs of 
                skin         flinty 
                                placations         yield just whimpers

slivers of salvation  salivation for
   ignorance gained   hanged
                juries  where just one
question leads astray   such
                a knock on inquiry
                   intelligence quashed   sense

tuppence for another’s thoughts
                injurious or not                the quest
                for stray-be-limber      innocence
where ignorance might ply
                                redaction on the glimmer
      of high hanging fruit

blacked out   blocked off
   blink fast  first thought
                past thought   thinking
   inside the tox   icky influence
                impels a slimy futures market

betting high and selling low
                or dropping out                while lanky soldiers
   bred  shot put                fire off unknowns
                                as if to even the non-score
                                                for those yet not met
  captaining with washed hands

                                in sands   stands
                still   against all careful thought
                   full of it   as was is
what it always might become if left
                to rust   no rest for
                   the wikipediaed  unediting

a text once liked                still sharing
                gains                     pressed
                                into history distinct from
   rust                 wrested from 
                shifty might                      all wiki-ed up 
                                and giddy as they come

too many collaborators spoil the bought
                a forced volunteerism  /  labor
                                to bring forth a louse
                lackwit litigations a kind
                   of installed contagion
faulty footnotes for the famed (or famished)

in the stalls reside the limitations
                thin walls between each volunteer
                                resisting lackadaisical fame
  as if homework had a cyst
                on had to view and know and feel
                                forthcoming tags a kind of famine

foaming    at the mouth
                of a river of tears   tears
   landscape apart   parts
                forest from trees  or vice
versed well in forgetting all
                promises  artless dodgers work

mise-en-scene derives from
                scope funneled into 
                                work dodged for a while
   rive gauche art                ill-gotten 
                treasonous verse                given 
                                by mouth according to prescription

pre script or pro script  on a role
                play it for the sobs
   remember prayers   as out
raging against the party machined
   excuses wont work  want working
                ethics   squ(n)d(erred)

laying down          excuses 
                  zilch      the pair
                                of chinos             (oh, well)
    rays of some lit momentary 
                play      remainders what was
                                once left

wants left behind   demands right
                demands all   a solid 
   state solution   slow dissolve
                fast fade   reputations made
                onscreen  on screeds
                   thrown away on a whim

faddish reps turn staid
                we row alongside 
                                figurative screenshots
        reading “him and her”
as nominative while wincing
                into dissolution

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