Jill Chan


Life isn’t only a waiting.
Or just a struggle.
It should be a wonder.
A mountain is a mountain.
Why are we not the clouds?
the rivers?
the places that can end?

But It Is Difficult

The little wants
that push us forward
sometimes stay,
sometimes go.
They are not what
we are about.
The day doesn’t budge
in its enormity.
We live in its increments.
Only sometimes,
by accident,
do we die in it,
do we stop it
with our life.

Jill Chan is the author of nine books including What To Believe (2017). Her work has been published in Otoliths, Poetry New Zealand, Snorkel, The Tower Journal, Brief and many other magazines. She edits Subtle Fiction (http://subtlefiction.wordpress.com).
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