Mark Pirie


Spare a thought for Leonard Nimoy;
No Cohen painting the dark, life’s pain…
The Leonard, of Mr Spock fame.

Spare a thought for Leonard Nimoy;
A poet of small means: a belief in Love
Pure and simple, and heart-felt.

Spare a thought for Leonard Nimoy;
The Leonard, of Mr Spock fame.

               OFF ROAD

               Celebrity life
               drives deep inside hearts

                              Turn on the net
                              Read about death

So and so
a history of pills and alcohol

                              Depression, Madness…
                              Infidelity, Paparazzi…

Then, after
discover the “real star”

                              We cry, mourn
                              buy their music, films, collect merchandise

haunt villas and homes
for a soul gone from a pricey tee

               If we don’t notice
               we are soon off road.

Vinyl Heart

Tits like ack-ack guns
could start
Love poem
that ends in War
if you
are rehashing
Pat Benatar lyrics.

In the heat of the battlefield
you can be forgiven
for wanting
a song
to convey
you can feel.

(If you survive the war.)

Mark Pirie (b.1974) is an internationally published New Zealand poet, editor, publisher and archivist for PANZA (Poetry Archive of NZ Aotearoa). In 2016, his selected poems, Rock & Roll, was published by Bareknuckle Books, Australia (available from the publisher's website: http://www.bareknucklebooks.com/authors/mark-pirie/) Other books include Gallery published by Salt, England, 2003. He is a former founder/editor of JAAM, 1995-2005, publisher for HeadworX 1998-, and currently edits broadsheet: new new zealand poetry, 2008-. Website: www.markpirie.com
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