Brandon Roy

I want to mention

I tease my hands —
And I fully understand his pit,
Standing from desire, coffee head
and a narrow door opens
Speak delta with three tight concomitant.
You, boy / girl
You are servants brought
Coast road and onion hack
cutting her email plan,
lips were dispersed.
Against a fixed table cloth
and the sun on the jaw
the skin is a caramel and a garbage
White piece of the object.
A few veins give the skin
Dark background there
The same plant is a small trail
and offspring in the body.
If it finds steady
or sustainable,
What I want to mention is
In the body
Or metal jacket material,
Microbe’s board,
That's pretty much the same
Type of edge -
Language in the heart of any restoration
dead in bed
Sea bass on the highlands,
His adventurous spotlight, his student light
Fell in the same plane as the fingers
The universe is in place
And I look at him, looking back.

Brandon Roy's work has appeared in a numerous journals, including Ottawa Arts Review, Loch Raven Review, Origami Condom, Pedestal Magazine and Pocket Change. His first book, Chaos Love Theory, has yet to be released. He currently resides in southwest Louisiana.
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